10 Biggest Celebrity Scandals 2015

From the ultimate scandal between Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian, to Donald Trump stirring things up, here are 10 of the biggest celebrity scandals of 2015.

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8- Keeping Up With Scott Disick – There’s just something about Scott Disick that the world loves to hate. This scandal definitely made the hate part easier. In July 2015, photos surfaced of the Kardashian boy toy and father of three getting cozy with his ex-girlfriend on a yacht. Not too soon after the photos were made public consumption, Kourtney – his girlfriend of 10 years – dumped Scott.

7- Deflate-gate – The New England Patriots, led by Tom Brady, were in some pretty hot water in 2015. The Patriots beat the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC championship, which allowed them to go on and win the Super bowl. The problem is, after the Super Bowl it came out that the Patriots may have had a hand in all their success. The team had used purposefully deflated balls in the game against the Colts and Brady was suspended for four games after the NFL investigation concluded.

6- Donald Trump – Donald Trump is no stranger to controversy. In 2015, Trump gave a speech in New York City in which he addressed the issue of illegal immigrants. Trumps said, “They’re sending people that have lots of problems… They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists.” This speech led to a lot of corporations, including NBC and Univision, to denounce Trump as a candidate and many celebrities to boycott his Miss USA pageant. Trump has said his speech was misinterpreted, but what do you think?

5- Giuliana vs. Zendaya – It was the diss heard around the world. Host of E!’s Fashion Police, Giuliana Rancic has been known to have a biting remark or two for celebrities walking the red carpet. However, apparently no one thought it was funny when Disney star Zendaya showed up to an event in dreadlocks and Giuliana quipped that she probably smelled “like patchouli oil or weed.” Many were quick to take the remark offensively and Giuliana was in some hot water. Zandaya publicly scolded Rancic about her hurtful comment, and Rancic took a month-long hiatus from the show before returning.

4- Josh Duggar – This is one nobody saw coming. In 2015, Josh Duggar – oldest son on the TLC hit show 19 Kids and Counting – had some serious allegations come to light. Documents were made public revealing his history of molesting young women, including two of his sisters. Once those allegations came out, Josh was also accused of having a sex addiction and having extra marital affairs with a stripper and porn star, which according to the mistress turned violent and ugly. Once all these things were exposed publicly, TLC suspended the show and pulled all the reruns from their rotation.

3- Brian Williams – What was Brian Williams thinking? In February 2015, a story told by Brian Williams about how he had been shot in a helicopter during the Iraq War started to sound a bit fishy when a witness to the scene revealed that nothing happened the way Williams told it. The man claims it was his helicopter and not Williams that was shot at. Once other things about the story didn’t start lining up, Williams was suspended from NBC for six months.

2- Bill Cosby – One of the more shocking scandals of 2015 involves the man who was once America’s favorite TV dad. Bill Cosby was so beloved by the public that the news of his sexual abuse towards women has thrown everyone for a loop. Over 50 women have come forward alleging that they were all drugged and abused by Cosby. In July 2015, the Associated Press released a report in which Cosby admits to giving Quaaludes to women he wanted to have sex with. There are still those who stand by Cosby and believe in his innocence, but the fact remains that we will never be able to look at Bill Cosby the same way again.

1- Jared from Subway – Since 1999, Jared Fogle was just that guy from the Subway commercials. But in 2015, boy, did we see a different side of him. Law enforcement started privately investigating Fogle in 2007 when a reporter named Rochelle Herman-Walrond alerted authorities that Fogle had made inappropriate comments to her about middle school aged girls at a school health event. The FBI eventually asked the reporter to wear a wiretap when she would have conversations with Fogle. For the next four years Herman-Walrond continued to record their conversations, conversations in which Fogle would talk about having sex with minors and asking her to set up a video camera in her children’s rooms so he could watch them sleep. In July 2015, the FBI had enough ammunition to raid Fogle’s house and there was enough evidence to charge him and put him away for 15 years, where he’s already been assaulted by other inmates.

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