10+ Times Restaurants Went Too Far With Food Serving

10+ Times Restaurants Went Too Far With Food Serving
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  1. some actually looked cool

    but some of the other places definitely have some health code violations going on…

  2. I'm glad you make bored panda articles into video form, It's actually easier than reading the article and more people see it!

  3. Ok most of these were over the top but…… those cup cakes looked DELICIOUS!!! Would definitely get those!!

  4. I ate at a restaurant that served every pice of tiramisu with two Teddy Grahams on top. This is not a joke.

  5. 2:29 didn't… Corinne try that diy? XD (the reason why I found it normal XD)
    4:11 I got one of those drinks before in Taiwan. TBH they're pretty good lol
    6:26 actually, everything thing there from that restaurant is served in a container that has something to do with a bathroom! I once got some cheese sticks served in a mini urinal! The Resturant is located in Japan
    7:21 refer back to 4:11… that's from the same place…
    8:59 uhhhh yeah refer to edit 3 please…

    In case if u were wondering, YES. I do indeed travel a lot XD XD XD

  6. As others have stated, except for the cute “Afternoon Tea In A Bookcase”, this was all just pretentious crap. I kept thinking, ‘Oh the poor servers, busboys & dish [i use the term loosely] washers’. These ‘chefs’ are trying way too hard to be cool instead of letting the food speak for itself. What really kills me is, they get away with it & fools actually pay top $$$ for the ‘privilege’ of artsy-fartsy presentation. I like my art in museums & normally served food in restaurants. Like R. McBride said, “I'd send it back and leave”.


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  8. If you really want to get that fucking fancy with presentation, just make the plate edible. We have this thing called bread, wonderful stuff, you shape it and bake it and it supports itself plus a little extra weight. There's even a special name for when you put two of them together, one on bottom with stuff between it and the one on top, a sandwich.

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