11 Celeb Twitter Feuds of 2015

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Twitter is a great way for fans to feel a sense of connection with celebrities, but along with that contact comes a revolving door of foot in mouth drama that celebrities get themselves into by speaking their minds publicly and without filter. 140 characters worth of mistake possibilities. We’re talking twitter feuds people. And to recap all of the twitter drama, we’re bringing you a rundown of 11of the biggest twitter feuds of 2015 thus far. We’ve got it all right here on Listed.

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Written by frances

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  1. Is no one upset that Zayn insulted Louis like that. They were best friends, I've stopped liking Zayn because of that.

  2. This is so frickin hilarious. When we fight we pick up the phone and call eachother but when celebrities fight there are new albums and interviews lol.

  3. um excuse me amber Rose kily Jenner is way more pretty er than you kily has a lip kit you don't even have a famous family and kily is not a baby she is the most busyist women ever so don't ever say that ever

  4. There are those celebrities that lose their sensibility once they start making money and start believing they are impenetrable. Seriously, get your life. They need to get their minds right.

  5. Drake and Meeks wasn't really a Twitter feud between them both because meek was the only one tweeting lol drake responded lyrically not on social media ?

  6. Can you not say the word bitch? Why are you censoring yourself? Fuck, shit, cunt, bitch, whore, slut, dick, ass, poop, dick…they're just words. Censoring them when discussing what people said takes away the impact their words originally had. It's stupid. "Itchy with a b" come the fuck on now.

  7. I feel like Taylor was acting so deluginal for nothing like omg girl sit tf down somewhere wit yo insecure retarded skinny bone a**

  8. Anaconda s a terrible song and video….bitch, maybe you need to produce some better material…you look like a slut and sound terrible

  9. You are all under a great delusion. Worshiping a dead clone celebrities instead of worshiping Yahweh would only drag you to hell and in hell you will find no peace. They are the fallen ones they were all cast down from heaven because their was no place for them and they willingly left their home in heaven and in the nearest months to come all this illusion that the devil has cast over your eyes (celebrities gossip and shows) would cease. They are all aware that their time is up.
    Worship Yahweh

  10. It's all so ridiculously childish. But that's what I've grown to expect from Hollywood's entertainment industry these days. It's a selfish and self centered group who live and thrive on controversy and staying in the line light. Small people with big heads.

  11. Taylor Swift is such a fucking bitch! Her daddy bought her original record label and the only reason she catapulted to such high stardom is because of Kanye and whiny preteens. She is NOT a feminist! She has absolutely no problem putting other women down when it makes her look good. And Lorde is also a POS who pretends to be about feminism when she's really just looking for publicity. I'm so fucking tired of hearing Taylor Swift. Someone PLEASE get rid of her!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. 1)Amanda does drugs as if it were her job
    2)Rihanna is beautiful, unlike amanda
    3)Christy is amazingly stuning
    4)Miley is pretty and has a career unlike amanda
    5)speaking to Drake doesn't mean shit, and again, he actually has a career
    6)If nobody wants to be Rihanna ' s lover then why she with Drake?
    7)I would rename my dog Malcolm Amanda cause he dirty af, just like amanda

  13. Zayn's a fucking dick. His pretty face means nothing when you're an asshole
    Drake is sexist af (shocker) for calling Meek Nicki's "wife" bc he is less successful. Excuse me. Nicki is the WIFE & she is BANKING – cause it's POSSIBLE to be a woman & rise (shocker).
    I agree w her last statement (the host). Why do they have to put on a show whenever they disagree?

  14. ALSO , just bc ur a feminist doesn't mean ur not allowed to dislike another woman (ESP if they back-stabbed u) so get that dumb bs out of here. Makes no sense. Oh, Taylor is not a feminist bc she doesn't like Katy Perry – WELL she believes Katy tried to ruin her tour is she supposed to just forgive her & trust her bc Katy also has a vag? What kinda dumbass logic….

  15. zayn feuds w/ people who lash out on him first!! Feuding w/ others doesnt mean he is a shit! If he was still in 1D y'all would have supported him but there's a bunch of 1D fans who's still bitter bc he left and overreacted as if 1D guys have never been in twitter feuds w/ other celebs before! No one called them shits then!!

  16. Lol who could have thought that now at the end of 2016 Zayn doesnt even look at NB, has Louis' back and maybe still in contact w/ him..He even has a song w/ Taylor for fifty Shades of Grey movie sequel & Calvin and Taylor have broken up! Calvin was following Zayn on insta but soon after Zayn and Taylor's collab he unfollowed Zayn!! Lol how fast the night changes between these celebs! unbelievable!! And Zaylor 's new song is dope btw!!

  17. 3:26 Amanda, your tweets ALONE shows signs of mental illness…I've never heard a grown woman talk like a five year old before

  18. Most of the people Amanda Bynes disses are way prettier than her in my opinion, and notice how a lot of them are people of color. And how she said Rihanna was "trying to be white"

  19. Amber rose was a stripper but not a hoe Kim Kardashian and her whole family r hoes Kim suck ray j dick to get her and her family famous the things the Kardashian do just to get famous is pathetic

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