19% ICOs are Scams, Jack Ma says Bitcoin is a Bubble – Crypto News #48

19% of ICOs are scams, JP Morgan creates Crypto Asset position, BTC price prediction by end of year, Jack Ma says Bitcoin is a bubble

1. JP Morgan Crypto Asset Position – 🗞️
2. BTC Price Prediction – 🗞️
3. ICO Scams – 🗞️
4. Jack Ma Bitcoin Bubble – 🗞️

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Written by frances

Lawyer, Believer, Idea Agent, Database Wrangler, Human Casserole. I want to see your peacock.


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  1. Bhai WPR itna acha project hai firr b koi growth nahi h why? pls reply jarur karna.

  2. Blood crooks they are…..they have made money's in their life… now are barking…..

    What about when they trade in commodities……then they have no shame in trading basic need of human beings and other animals….



  3. I like your channel aap bohat achha bolte ho sir and I like your voice… DD8vadfDfJ236TyVqR1DMJCLG1FWWejNoJ

  4. He is exactly right BTC is a bubble because when it started, it was unevenly distributed and major BTCs are in the hands of selected few. And today every exchange allows you to exchange any Alt coin for BTC. With this fact many times the value of a coin goes up not because it is a good project but because bitcoin goes up. and also the value of a good coin goes down not because of its bad performance but because of bitcoin going down. as i said earlier do you exchange and SBI stock for and HDFC stock ? No. it's not allowed. So why such trading is allowed in cryptos? with that said no exchange is going to stop this trend of trading coins for BTC because if which a few whales will always hold the future of the entire market. Yes he is right it is a bubble as long as there are whales.

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