$2.5 Billion behind Tether! Bithumb Hacked! IBM + Stellar | Enigma + Intel ICON Akon & Bitcoin News

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Written by frances

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  1. Let’s go E!!! I’ve been waiting all day my brother! Thx 4 the chat w/K-Dub, CC, etc. got some good tips! 💪🏻

  2. Wow Akon building a smart city in Africa?! I hope he calls it “Akonda”. Black panther would be proud.

  3. Hmm funny how tether "now" has the 1:1 backing after EOS has launched. There's something fishy about the bitfinex X Tether X EOS relationship

  4. Brian Armstrong is crazy. He has the worst customer service in the Fiat to crypto industry. Also they are making big moves to only serve big clientele. As things like ethos, Abra, Circle evolve coinbase will be a thing of the past for the majority of us

  5. As always great episode!! Today was the first time listening to you on normal speed. I definitely like the end song at 1.5😊

  6. Looking for help!
    I created an ETH wallet on the ICONex wallet page and then added the ICX token's address. An ICX token wallet was added to the ETH wallet automatically (as the instructions said it would), so I then pressed swap. I went through the steps to create the ICX coin wallet that is separate from the ETH wallet. I transferred my ICX tokens from my Trezor along with some ETH to the ICX token wallet.
    The problem for me now is, I read that if you send ERC20 tokens to an actual ICX coin wallet they will be lost, so I am afraid to press the swap or transfer tab :-)) I have read the instructions a few times and It sounds like they may be swapped automatically today some time, but I don't like guessing. Any help will be greatly appreciated!!!

  7. I'm from Senegal and many of my friends are not in crypto or never heard of lol. If this information is true that would be great for Africa overall.

  8. I looked at the btc historical chart yesterday. Yes some comparisons, but also the bear market after 1 of those earlier bumps was staggering…Just sayin…

  9. Damn Tether, I hate this fake made-of-thin-air so called crypto currency.

    Full of manipulation, Bitcoin can not raise safely with this Tether scam sh*t still up.

  10. Another good video. It's gotts to be tough to set yourself apart from the rest of the youtoobers, but you are doing a fine job sir. Speaking of, I had an interview today at a pretty cool aerospace company. It looks like a place I could handle spending my time until my blockfolio moons. And I may be able to accumulate some more before the Big Institutional Money comes in and we dont see these prices again. Right on. There are still few projects that I would like to get into. Enjoy your trip sir, and stay safe. If you ever find yourself in Seattle, give me a hollar and I'll give you the nickel tour. 🙂

  11. Love your stuff, so much so that I've been down these past 5 days. Looking forward to another post 😉

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