200 youth of African appearance run wild on the beach

200 youth of African appearance run wild on the beach Make confidential donations to support our work so we can do more! just go to … my account is…

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  1. Next will be black on Kangaroo violence, then black on Koala, black on Tasmanian Devil, black on platypus, black on Dingo………

  2. The Aussies just need to adopt the UK's "Positive Action" program of social promotion. Of course, the UK learned it from the United States' "Affirmative Action".

  3. I think this video was very promising for the country/continent of Australia. The media there appears very willing to broadcast the race of the attackers, which is not being done here. And I've been thinking that a big reason that whites put up with so much of black crap here is simply because whites are not being informed of the massive amount of black violence. Let's hope that Australia gets it right and their willingness to tell the truth spreads over here.

  4. The more videos like this one (and the last three you released in the last day or so), the more I worry what the endgame for all this may be. Absent a clear and overwhelming external threat, our country is devouring itself from within.

  5. the obama sons are basically the Klingons of planet Earth…..except unlike the fictional ones these are way more dangerous/destructive

  6. How the hell did all these Dindus get to Australia in first place? it's a frigging giant island/continent in the Pacific ocean. Who the hell let them in?

  7. where is their slavery excuse? they were never slaves in australia. do they behave this way in their own african countries?

  8. When that cop said "a large number of youth attend..", I was already thinking "Wow, they cover it up, too."
    But, then he followed it right up with "of African appearance." Looks like they aren't libtarded over there.

  9. HEY! I know about cricket… but nobody would ever play with me… OMG that sounds bad… wait, no, maybe that's a good thing! : )P

  10. I thought there were tons of white skinheads in Australia. They should be defending that beach. Ever see the movie Romper Stomper? It's about some skinhead heroes.

    Anyway, I was driving through a town in PA where they keep it real (Reading) and I saw a sign that said Aryan's Deli. That should serve as a beacon of hope to the white minority who live there and are constantly threatened and victimized by black violence.

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