3 Korean Celebrity Couple Dating News in early 2018

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Written by frances

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  1. so so so happy for the couples especially G-Dragon. He deserves be happy in a loving relationship. He works so hard and to have someone there for him, I'm thrilled and we should all be thrilled. His well being is so important so we can continue to enjoy his music
    performances, fashion and big bang.

  2. GDRAGON finally has a girlfriend
    I didn't expect Joon to be with So Min but they look cute together
    G.O finally , i dont know who Ye Seul is but they look cute together

    I wish all these couples luck in their relationships

  3. I love when people falls im love…lee joon desorves a good girl …and i think somin it is…hope they will get married soon…..fighting lee joon …

  4. I like Lee Joon n Jung so as a couple…I m Indian so very difficult to remember the names of this KBs dramas ..but I would say I Liked My Father is Strange drama but was always wanted to see these couples more than anyone… N happy tht they r dating

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