4 Bitcoin Conspiracy Theories And Why They’re Wrong

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Written by frances

Lawyer, Believer, Idea Agent, Database Wrangler, Human Casserole. I want to see your peacock.


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  1. I have to admit, as an IT systems and network specialist of over 20 years; I fail to see how any CryptoCurrency could be Quantum Resistant even though I am 80% Hodler or BTC and LTC.
    In theory. If a program were written to harness the compute power of the latest IBM q series, not only could you potentially create a 51% attack scenario through Virtualization, but each VM could trounce the hash rate of an S3 miner (14THs).
    Like anything, it is a risk. Diversify your portfolio across crypto assets and into metals, property and tangible assets…….which is hard to do when you look at 2017 potential BTC and ETH gains.

  2. Lightning network is the opposite of private. It's a hub and spoke model of centralized watchtowers to watch transactions for people who can't stay online for the duration of their transaction.

  3. I'm interested to know why you failed to mention the blockstream takeover of bitcoin. A for profit venture capital group controlled by bilderbergers.

  4. if you put these 4 companies together: SAmsung, TOSHIba, NAKAmichi, and MOTOrola. you get the name Satoshi Nakamoto.

  5. Crypto won't challenge the Banks monopoly on controlling money… until the masses understand how the banksters are screwing us. All "they" have to do is:
    a) Create a "US Dollar Digital Currency"
    b) Call it a "cryptocurrency"
    c) Make it "Legal Tender" and have it replace the USD
    d) Outlaw any true crypto that truly threatens their power,
    e) The end:) Because they don't just use "Money" to screw/control us… they also (and more importantly) use "Government".*

    *This is just one scenario that could easily and realistically play out. I'm sure they have a much more awesome and evil plan already in place:)

  6. Thank you Jeff for mentioning theAllen Carr book- easy way to control alcohol. It’s brilliant and it works.

  7. XRP was created before BTC, therefore Greenspan and friends created BTC to save humanity from the XRP takeover.

  8. I am not sure who Satoshi is or was or who he represented but I am pretty sure Cryptos and blockchain tech was preplanned to eventually allow financial markets and asset ownership to be removed from the fiat system that inevitably would collapse. Security tokens were preplanned to become the new stock market and also used for asset ownership and these global elites have way too much power and media influence over all of the Sheeple to not win the war over a freemarket monetary system sadly. I am pretty sure that most people that subscribe to ur TDV newsletter dont really understand the Monetary and banking systems or what a freemarket economy really is. Even those with PHDs in economics and investment bankers dont really understand because it is very complex and 99 percent of people cant see outside of what they know or have been taught. Every asset we know today will be on different types of distributed ledger protocols including the internet and gaming and internet businesses. We will have no more freedom, no more privacy but this end was planned before the world began. You can fight it but you cant stop it unfortunately. If u want to keep ur freedom, u will need to try and get off the grid. NZ or the Nordic countries are great for this. Some of the few freethinking progressive places left in this world but that is changing too.

  9. Although I tend to agree with you I am strongly disapointed that you did not address teh 1996 NSA Crypto Currency White Paper.

    Maybe next time

  10. Dollar Vigilante BITCOIN is freedom coin. bitcoin and blockchain were invented buy the satoshi group. the same people who are working to free us from the NWO guys. they are 70 generals who formed called the make america 1st committee, The infrastructure will be the way they trap us. Patents are what are how We have to look at how the establishment is trying to control it through the infrastructure. I will be doing a lecture on the blockchain endgame I would be great if you listened to it. I am a little sceptical of you when you did the interview with BIX weir. You were playing dumb on the issues. where you not? the pedo problem ? You know that is the glue that keeps the parasites in order. You know who is testing the EOS system why the traffic is up. You mentioned it under your breath, i am not a troll I have been preparing my lecture with the help of a MIT professor but now I need to reduce the talk because I think we are not out of the woods yet. we got about a 20 percent chance we will end up with a decentralized system , I think we are on the same side. I will send you a link for you to take a listen it will be ment to warn crypto what is at stake and that you will be expected to do your part in keeping the blockchain free , that is using your cryipto wealth to see to it we dont get inslaved by it

  11. What complete and utter nonsense. Bitcoin didn't come onto the radar of the people who control EVERYTHING and have been spying on us all for at least a decade until 4 years after its creation? That's pretty funny. I used to think you were legit. Another Alex Jones it seems. Blockchain was created to enslave us all and you are helping them do it for a few pieces of silver, oh I mean bitcoin.

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