5 Best Celeb Carpool Karaoke Moments With James Corden

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Who doesn’t love karaoke?! Singing off key, pretending you’re somebody famous… James Corden from the Late Late Show’s newest segment “Carpool Karaoke” features all of that, except these people really are famous people, so right now we’re bringing you the 5 Best Celeb Carpool Karaoke moments right here on Listed!

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Written by frances

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  1. I loved Justin biebers karaoke and im a bribery fan also I think James cordan should do one with beyonce haven't seen her yet

  2. Dangit! I was trying to watch more of James and Clever Style annoyed me again! I wanna watch the actual videos, why is Clever even on YouTube? They just talk about cool videos and celebs. Ug! Annoying!

  3. I liked so many of those car pool vids that it's hard to choose one favorite. Most of those people he sings with are just delightful. But in the future, i'd love to see Katy Perry, Rhianna, Back Street Boys, and Phil Collins!

  4. My favorite was with one direction. Even though I'm not a fan of them I still fell in love with that video.

  5. Bruno Mars was the lit one he always kill the beat when it comes and Justin Bieber he also he lit and he also kill the beat when it comes they both are lit Asf there my favorite singers

  6. I love the Mariah Carey karaoke, she was still recovering her ribs, but the video alone is amazing to me.

  7. I was casually searching for James corden shocking celebs with his amazing singing voice and suddenly I come across Ryland. I was just watching Shane Dawsons video elevator game and didn't expect to accidentally try stumble across Ryland 😛

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