5 OMG Celeb Oops! Moments Of 2015

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We all make mistakes. We do. But, what’s important though is that we aren’t uber famous celebrities who can get away with making a little boo boo. Today on Listed we are bringing you 5 celebrity OMG Moments. This is Clevver’s best of 2015!

Justin Bieber Naked Butt PHoto
Ariana Grande Licks Donuts
Zayn Malik
Ashley Benson Cecil Lion Halloween Costume
Zendaya & Giuliana Rancic Fashion Police Oscars

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  1. i'm so done with these videos. people got murdered everywhere and they still think its a crime when people post "wrong" things on instagram of ariana grande licks a fucking donut? please people wake up…

  2. OMG I'm totally going to LICK some DONUTS now! Mmmmm yum.
    there's always going donut comments coming her way on everything even her new lipstick. (they test on animals Ariana's vegan, omg how could she)

    By the way Zendayas hair was cool as so that lady should think before she speaks

  3. Can I just say something? Ok just hear me out, if Justin did the same thing Ariana and apologized the same as well, all would be forgiven and it would be fine. Why is it that Ariana got sooooooo much backlash from that? She meant in a way like if you get mad at your mom and you say you hate her. You don't actually hate your mom! Same thing with Ariana, she doesn't actually hate America. Also can we talk about how the video was cut down? TMZ showed only bad parts. They never showed the part when Ariana was making the lady behind the counter laugh! Also she was very drugged up. I MEAN COME ON SHE HAD 4 WISDOM TEETH PULLED OUT OF COURSE SHE WAS STILL DRUGGED. Ok I'm done its 2016 now I think we can put that all in the past. If you still hate her for that, get over it. Nobody is perfect and we all say some really stupid things sometimes. Every single person on earth has probably said something stupid like that. Don't tell that's never happened to you because I know you're a fucking liar.

  4. Ariana is just a complete hoe/bitch. I love her music but I don't love her, her apology was so fake.

  5. I love Ariana but, I mean, she's American too so saying "I hate Americans" is making her say "I hate myself". Wat.

  6. I kind of agree with Ariana. I mean the licking donuts… That's rude but I get where she's coming from. We as Americans are wildly unhealthy. And besides what she said was rude but with her friends. She was obviously just really disgusted by America's awful health choices. However, I think her behavior was rude and obnoxious although I agree with her sentiment.

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