5 Ultra Rare EX Pokemon Card Lot Opening

2 Pokemon Card Lots that include 5 Assorted Pokemon Ultra Rare EX Cards, all different, are opened in this video. These two Pokemon grab bags I purchased from Troll and Toad for $8.99 a piece.

Thanks everyone for watching, and make sure to check out all the links below.

Troll and Toad Assorted Lot Link:

XY Series Booster Packs Playlist:

Pokemon Blog:

Facebook Fan Page:


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Written by frances

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  1. I remember when that Jolteon card was really up there in value when the set first came out! Still also my favorite card/art from that set! Nice PTP!

  2. But surely the value of the content is less than you paid. Troll and toad will know how much they are worth so won't give you anything worth more money than what they are selling them for

  3. Hey can u add a Celsteal storm booster box to that 20 series if the seriers hasn’t ended before it comes out? Also love your vids Keep It up ptp Hope u get so many subs some day

  4. Hey primetimepokemon, can you open up troll and toad 100 assorted holo cards, I would like to see what you get out of it because I'm thinking of buying it and would like to see what types of pulls you can get out of it first if you dont mind opening one up next time on your grab bag openings…

  5. RYAN do you do all the new booster packs that come out! and you are my favourite youtuber in the whole world. My name is Arthur Emslie and i watch all your new videos that come out you are the best (:

  6. Hey primetime, big fan of your channel 🤘🤘🤘🔥🔥but I need your help?? I was wondering how can I buy these set of cards I visited the website but can't find them?.

  7. I love your channel and you are my fav youtuber out of all youtubers I have surscribed of minecraft Pokemon and others!!!
    I am 10 years old and live in India

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