6 Korean Celebrity Dating Rumors Recently

Korean Celebrity that are rumored to be dating

6 Korean Celebrity Dating Rumors Recently

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  1. i cant move with darren wang 😢 if that gonna be true :"( i really adored him tho from his movie 'our times' ❤

  2. Tbh I don't like if Darren Wang with Hana. I know they're closed, but still it's a no no to me 😢 Sorry pls don't Darren. He is a big fan of Park Shinye too. Huh 😧

  3. Donguu😢 I really really love you♡ I don't want you to be in a relationship 😭😭😭😭😭 am so jealous 😢 but if the news is true and that makes you happy, am happy for you♡ forever your biggest fan♡😚😍😘

  4. KIM JAE WOOK isn´t dating her….. he´s already mine. Lol 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

    But I like her…she was great in "Goblin" and cute as Mawang´s secretary. ♥

  5. Sorry to say this, but there is no way Shiyoon and Seyeon are dating. lf they looked close during filming, it's no surprise since they had to maintain chemistry as the leads. l don't see anything more than siblings vibe from them. Shiyoon is always gentle and Seyeon is always kind to everyone. l love Seyeon and l don't want this rumour makes her get more hates.

  6. yay! really? yoon siyoon is dating now? bless him, he is a descent type of man, i like him but i prefer joonyoungs charisma

  7. i dont understand why koreans are so secretive with their relationship, what does it do if they are dating?

  8. Why I have a feeling that heobyoungji was became a bridge to april chaekyun and dindin became a couple coz dindin is known as a closed friend to heobyoungji and april is her label

  9. I'm jealous when I read dunggus name! But hey, I'm happy at the same time. He's getting older, he needs someone by his side.

  10. I hope if these rumors ever true, im hoping they date happily without feel concious. Leel el and Jae wook is my fav actors so whynut!

  11. Why do I feel bored watching Asian stars hook up😒,probably a week after all this info I've read or watch will drain out like yesterdays lunch. Then id read or watch them next week break up due to schedules or they were never dating they were only friends due construed info from people supposedly thinking they were an item😒😒. Hoi why do I even bother with this????

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