$6 TRILLION INVESTMENT CHIEF: Bitcoin is a bubble

Business Insider executive editor Sara Silverstein speaks with Richard Turnill, global chief investment strategist at BlackRock, which oversees $6 trillion. He says that while he thinks blockchain technology will be adopted more over time, but that doesn’t mean that cryptocurrencies should keep going higher and higher. He says they show a lot of the characteristics of a bubble. Lastly, he argues that bitcoin has no fair value right now, which is why he doesn’t own it.


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  1. In my opinion it’s a big pyramid scheme as long as people are willing to put real cash into it, it will grow

  2. Bitcoin works right against one world government plan. If it becomes big enough and popular enough then it might get integrated in its own economy based on currency not controlled by any government. Just look at logo at end of video. Pyramid with top cut off and light behing it. The illuminati wants to shit on bitcoin but they know that we are close to escaping from their grip of control.

  3. They should really be asking these guys how bitcoin works. If they can't answer that they have no right to be giving their opinions.

  4. If the 3 largest retailers, Amazon, Alibaba, and Walmart do NOT accept bitcoin, it’s worthless to 90% of Americans.

  5. We need to create a separate real world economy that just runs on crypto only.
    The establishment can't accept crypto economically.

  6. Bitcoin is a bubble, yet it's been around for about 10 years! Not even your pathetic stock market can be so steady over that time.

  7. With it understood,but I think how to sell Bitcoin Gold after Fork 24 oct. Yesterday i test and claim my 0.6 BTG!
    Who knows as them to transfer to the exchange and to sell?

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