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    ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’s’ Daisy Ridley: The Fight Scenes Are ‘Really Good!’

    At the junket for “Star Wars: The Last Jedi,” Daisy Ridley, who plays Rey, tells Access Hollywood’s Scott Evans about how she fit in training for “lightsaber school” while filming the latest installment in the famed franchise. And, the actress hints at what to expect when fans see the fight scenes on screen.
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    ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’s’ Daisy Ridley: The Fight Scenes Are ‘Really Good!’ | Access Hollywood

    Access Hollywood

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    Crypto After Dark #3 – Bitcoin Pushing To 12k? And Your Thoughts!

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    Snoke Confirmed MORE Powerful than Darth Vader and Palpatine – Star Wars The Last Jedi Explained

    In Star Wars The Last Jedi, Snoke poses a new threat to the galaxy. He is the successor (or is he?) to Palpatine/Sidious. That means he must be even more powerful than everyone we’ve come to know in Star Wars. In a recent interview with Andy Serkis who plays Supreme Leader Snoke, he had this to say about Snoke’s powers in comparison to Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine’s. I was surprised to hear it, but it makes sense with the new era.

    Do you think Snoke is more powerful than Darth Vader and Palpatine? Will Kylo Ren be stronger than Rey in Episode 8? Where does Luke Skywalker land in all of this? Is he going to surpass Palpatine at this point, or will be still be playing catchup?

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    Darth Vader ANNIHILATES Clone Troopers After Order 66

    How Darth Vader Went to the Jedi Council’s Secret Prison

    Why Didn’t Obi-Wan Remember R2-D2? –

    How Darth Vader Found Out The Jedi Council’s BIGGEST Secret –

    How Darth Vader Saved Palpatine From Death

    ALL of Darth Vader’s Injuries and His Thoughts About Them

    What if Anakin WAS Granted the Rank of Master –

    Anakin’s Thoughts While Being Burned on Mustafar and Turning Into Darth Vader –

    8 Jedi Master Who Became Sith Lords –

    How Did Anakin Kill All Jedi at the Temple During Order 66? Revenge of the Sith -Star Wars Explained

    What if Order 66 Failed? Star Wars Theory

    Music – Lucas King –

    Thumb – Starwars77

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    Star Wars The Last Jedi Snoke NEW Details Revealed!

    Today we go over some star wars the last jedi news when it comes to supreme leader snoke and his injuries! Supreme Leader Snoke is said to have more screen time in this film than the force awakens which is really nice to know! but recently we learned more about snokes injuries in the last jedi and some of them seem quite horrific.


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    Good news, good news and bad news!

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    Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar Day 1 Surprise Toy Reveal

    Day 1 of the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar. See what mystery toy we get for Day 1 December 1, 2017. It will be opened and revealed! Will it be a minibuild or a minifigure? The galaxy is waiting to see! Join the Force by subscribing to LucasTV Toys and giving us a “like” thumbs up! Click that button now!

    LucasTV is a father and son toy review channel. We buy our toys in retail stores or online at retail prices. We are not sponsored by anyone or any company.

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    Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar Unboxing (2017) – Day 01

    It is the first of December, which can only mean one thing… Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar unboxing time! Yes, for the third year in a row, Noel is here to take you through this magical labyrinth of surprises one day at a time.

    It is day 02 of the Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar unboxing series! But what lies behind door number 2? Well, let’s find out!

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    Bitcoin NEWS 12/1/2017:New $100 Million Cryptocurrency Hedge Fund to Use XRP

    TechCrunch and CrunchFund founder Michael Arrington has announced he is going all in on cryptocurrency investments with a new hedge fund called Arrington XRP Capital. As the name suggests, the fund will be managed in Ripple’s XRP but it will invest in a wide variety of cryptocurrency assets and Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) as well as private equity offerings.

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