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(This video has strong language) What would happen if everybody on an Indian flight were to speak out loud what they really really mean? Check out an honest version of every single Indian flight – ever. (Turn On for English Captions)

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Directed by – Ashwin Shetty
Creative Directors: Gursimran Khamba, Rohan Joshi
Chief AD: Ritu Malhotra
DOP – Siddharth Jatla
Editor – Sourya Sen
Online – Rishabh Malhotra, Sourya Sen

Cast –
Mansi Multani – Stewardess
Rohan Joshi – Trigger Boy
Ashish Shakya – Emergency Exit Man
Jagdish Rajpurohit – Annoying Uncle 1
Babul Bhavsar – Annoying Uncle 2
Nergish P. Dastoor – Cussing Turbulence Lady
Max Fernandes – Alcoholic Passenger
Gursimran Khamba – Annoyed Passenger
Gopal Datt – Premature Evacuator

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  1. আমি pue বাঙালী আর আমি ও আমার বন্ধুরা বা* বোকাচো* গানdo নিয়ে না কথা বললে ঠিক পেটের ভাত হজম করতে পারিনা B for বাঙালী and B for বিরিয়ানী ফসিলস ইষ্টবেঙল তো আছেই আর দূর্গাপূজা ভুললে কি করে চলবে boss আর সব শেষে রসগ্গোলা

  2. HAHAHA THE END I WAS DYING”f—- you, f you too f you very much. It’s so true! I’m a flight attendant and that’s how I feel at the end of a flight!😂😂😂

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