America Declares War on Japan – President Roosevelt Speech

America Declares War on Japan – President Roosevelt Speech [Full Resolution]. On December 8, 1941, President Roosevelt declares war on Japan, the day after Japan bombed Pearl Harbour. Roosevelt gives a speech at a joint session of congress.

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  1. Off-topic but just imagine: No liberal homos, no sjws, no social media bullshit, no lgbt freaks, no feminists, strong people, strong society and culture, nobody welcomes terrorists into their own countries with open arms and calls those who try to defend their lives "racist" or "islamophobic"… Back then life was far better.

  2. In older times, the President of the United States was held in such high esteem. Today look at Trump. United States democracy has deteriorate into such a pathetic state. This is sad time for America

  3. “Pack your bags ladies, we going to war!”
    -my grandfather
    He had just gotten outta high school and off he went. Thanks grandpa for defending your home.

  4. It was a profound embarrassment to the people of my beloved Montana that Jeanette Rankin cast the only vote against a declaration of war.

  5. Premeditated invasion…? Has he forgotten abut the Natives… You're an Alien on another man's land, God is a witness to the Abominations your land Babylon the Great and people have carried out on earth. Rev 13:10

  6. I wounder who gave a Negative towards this Video…?? Thumbs Up for me!!!! Great Sound, Great Video and a GREAT SPEECH! We are at peace now with Japan. And we buy their products too. !! The tables have turned in a good way for everyone!

  7. I've never liked Japanese people they've always been weak, snakish, skinny cowardish simps. Nowadays, the went to kiss up to Americans and be just like them.

  8. people (still) argue fdr knew in advance of the attack and let it happen. i don't buy it. i've read quite a bit. i'm not convinced. aside from the cost in american lives, america's west coast was left in danger of unopposed attack for several months.

    see director steven spielberg's 1979 action/comedy '1941.' to me, the movie's a mash-up of 'midway' and 'it's a mad, mad, mad, world.' frankly, i think it was all the coke out there at the time. but who knows?

  9. and we were protected by God. There is no way we lose that war. Americans are a free people, and woe to anyone if they want to threaten this.

  10. F.D.R. was a war-mongering richboy crippled faggot who fucked little boys in their tight buttholes, while destroying Mother Europe on the side. Fuck him. Hail Huey Long. Resist the Jews. Hail Deutschland, the heart of Europe.

  11. yeah he did some very shady shit if you read into it, but still one of the greatest. saved USA (and really… a lot of the modernized world…) from the effects of the great depression, turned the country into an unstoppable powerhouse, just setting the stage for the cold war to come. FOUR presidential terms lol. FDR is the reason they put a two-term limit in.

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