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With Star Wars The Last Jedi upon us in a few short months…there have been so many things pointing towards Anakin Skywalker’s return to the big screen (Hayden Christensen). With his appearance at Celebration, what he had to say there, his rumoured lines at Pinewood and the new Disney experience in Star Wars land…I know he will be in episode 8 and I’m more than excited to talk about it with you.

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  1. Close your eyes…Imagine walking into the force tree in Disneyland…and all you hear is…
    "I don't like sand"
    "It's course…….rough………."

  2. I feel like it makes sense for them to make rey the reincarnation of anakin, its a huge plot twist/reveal that would probably top the on in episode 5 and makes sense cause anakin was the chosen one

  3. I want Hayden back as Anakin! Star Wars is, essentially, about The Chosen One, so we need something of Anakin in he new trilogy. Force ghost would be cool, but I hope we get even more, maybe a flashback? I mean, Hayden still looks incredibly young, and hasn't really aged much since ROTS -Disney needs to take advantage of that 😉

  4. They need to take more of a chance with The Last Jedi. I already feel like it is going in a different direction than The Force Awakens which is good news to me. But we've already seen Yoda and Obi Wan ghosts. The Anakin ghost would not only be the more essential treat considering Darth Vader was such an opposing force in the previous series, but so many would love to see the light and mastered version of Anakin. What advice or conversation content would he even have with Luke after so many years. Or would he converse with Rey too? Who knows. Hopefully we get a force ghost Anakin.

  5. I just don't know how anybody could see Anakin's appearance in The Last Jedi as something to look forward to. You guys seem to have very short term memory. I just can't explain why there is any hype on this. Don't you remember the cringe? Don't you remember the ghastly acting skills? Don't you remember the unpleasantness? Hayden Christensen's Anakin is not a welcome sight in this new trilogy or in any Star Wars movie or piece of related media whatsoever. He's blemish, an embarrassment, a flagship of Lucas's madness and the downfall of Star Wars. He is not welcome anymore. He had his chance. Let him die in oblivion.

  6. Hayden showing up at Star Wars Celebration was so cool to see and it was so satisfying to see the warm welcome the fans there gave him. I really hope he shows up in either ep 8 or 9 in some capacity, though a short scene with him as a force ghost would be ideal. I think his appearance would have the most impact on Ben, and if he does, it could be part of what pushes him back to the light.

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