Andrew Lincoln to Exit AMC’s The Walking Dead after Season 9

BREAKING NEWS and SPOILERS AHEAD for ‘The Walking Dead’: Dave Trumbore is reporting on that Season 9 of AMC’s hit drama series The Walking Dead, Andrew Lincoln aka Rick Grimes will be walking away from the show. There’s no news on how he will be leaving the show or possibly being killed off. Another actor and character who could be leaving after Season 9 is Lauren Cohan’s Maggie. She is confirmed to be back for Season 9 of The Walking Dead, but it hasn’t been revealed for how many episodes and if it will actually be her last yet. She has received quite a lot of attention this past pilot season and had a tense contract renegotiation with the show this offseason so it’s certainly possible that both of these talented actors might be walking from the show. Norman Reedus’s Daryl is sticking around however and has reportedly been compensated to do so. No word yet on the status of Danai Gurira’s Michonne. Given her reception for her work on ‘Black Panther’ she could be moving into more of a lead role as well.

John Rocha and Dorian Parks sit down to give their reactions to this breaking news and if they think these are the right moves by these actors and by AMC. They also look at what might have led to this decision by Lincoln and possibly Cohan. They also explore what they’d like to see from a Darryl and Michonne led The Walking Dead and if it could bring the ratings back up to the match the ones from the show’s heyday. Let us know what you think about this big news in the COMMENTS section below. Remember to LIKE and SHARE this video on your social media and to SUBSCRIBE to our channel for more news videos just like this.

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  1. I don't understand why Daryl is getting the lead role. Don't get me wrong, I love Daryl, but still, he isn't even a character in the comics. Daryl was created just for Norman. This makes no sense at all.

  2. I'm really surprised Norman Reedus hasn't jumped out of the show. He seemed to have the most clout out of the cast and could have cashed in on other projects with his grown notoriety. Even in terms of a creative standpoint, the Daryl character ran out of steam a while ago. He is now essentially just a Stoic action hero, who contributes plot devices. Which I think is why it probably won't work as a character leading the narrative. The show, in general, has tonnes of potential and a great cast, however, it has suffered from inconsistent writing and a creative team that has changed frequently through each season. Which has clearly affected the tone and Character arcs negatively… Hence why alot of the audience have struggled to keep invested with it. I've stayed committed, and do think the show has potential. That being said, it has been long overdue to bring this show to an end and hang it up on a high! As for Lincoln, he has done good to stay committed to the show. Especially since his role has gone through the mill in terms of writing from Season 5 onwards. It must be hard for an Actor to grow familiar with your role and develop it for a few years, and then have him behaving "out of character" just to force the plot to move in certain directions… If he does leave, it was probably a long time coming from his point of view. I think Actors can fall out of love with projects after time, and he has been on this show from the beginning and worked on it for years. It must be difficult to see it decline in popularity and receiving a script where you don't know what random shit your going to perform next. I'm sure a few in the TWD camp will be doing it for a money gig now. From looking at Season 1 to now, I think the removal of Darabont was the worst thing that happened to this show. Season 1 was the most short/concise and rich in tropes and ideas. More recently, I didn't agree with the flack that was received from Season 7, and I don't think Season 8 has had as much publicity due to the overwhelming negatice response of Season 7. My thinking is, that people like to have closure with stories and this show in particular has just gone on for too long. Definitely has too many episodes per season too, which leads to "filler syndrome." This is probably why by the time we got to Season 7 (cliffhanger and popular character deaths aside) the audience have got fatigue with it. I will definitely look back on TWD being a TV travesty, where it had so much to give! But due to an inconsistent creative team, could never bring it to it's full potential… Please give me a response in the comment section if you strongly disagree. I will look forward to being told to "fuck myself" 😉

  3. Putting Norman Reedus up top is probably their best bet…. I still watch it. It's a bit repetitive but I still watch.

  4. I’m a diehard fan of the walking dead and I’m sad and disappointed I love Rick Grimes I just don’t understand why people are going off with this show. I still love it but I’m worried that when Andrew leaves it’s not going to be good anymore.

  5. How Rick dies: Rick gets bit but does not die. Eugene says he can make a cure but Rick would die in the process. Rick sacrifices his life and is remebered as the man who saved the world

  6. With the deaths of Abraham, Glenn, Sasha, Carl, and now Rick,I don't believe I can ever look at TWD the same. I haven't really watched since the end of Season 7 just depressed me too much!

  7. If u stopped watching because they killed off Glenn, I say I should’ve read the comics. If u say u stopped watching because it started to drag out storylines from the comics and when they killed off Carl, I respect your opinion.

  8. the only thing to keep me from watching the walking dead is if they go full young cast. other than that I will still tune in cuz what else is on sunday frick NFL. give Kap a job. I love rick his why I watch. but negan is still alive, daryl is my second favorite, Eugene, jesus still alive. Rosita still hot, jerry and the king still there, carol still there. ill be fine maybe a little bored. but not jumping off the ship yet.

  9. its apparently still just a rumor. The only way I can see this potentially working would be to have Daryl hit the road and leave everybody behind, and shift the focus to his adventure from then forward, but it would still be difficult to have such a major shift especially so late in the shows run.

  10. Bring in a few new characters give us a chance to know them and get emotionally attached so when those 2 leave we are attached to knew people. The reason its losing fans is they killed off the people we were attached to and didnt give us time to connect with new characters.

  11. This YouTube channel has not liked or supported TWD for a while now. Funny how they JUMP all over this "News"
    And what's up with this guy saying he stopped watching first episode of season 7 (Glenn death) and then back tracks and says he'll watch going forward…HUH?
    How about THIS CHANNEL moves on.

  12. I have a theory that I think might be leading somewhere with rumors of Andrew Lincoln leaving the walking dead could they be remixing John Dorie and Naomi as Rick and Andrea by season 10 they would have 2 seasons to build John Dories story before he came to the walking dead. John Dorie has a lot of similarities to Rick Grimes the simplicity in there names they both wear a cowboy hat both have southern accents and both are legitimate good people when we first meet them both were law enforcement before the apocalypse both of them the first person they meet on camera in current time is Morgan and John Dorie is on the hunt for Laura like rick was on the hunt for Lori when John Dorie first meets Naomi she doesn’t tell him her name so he picks a name to call her so he calls her Laura close to Lori he gets shot and goes unconscious like rick in the hospital I’m sure there will be more if there going this route but he would have 2 seasons to build character to show up by season 10 of the walking dead if Andrew Lincoln leaves next season. Morgan would be the perfect reason for John Dorie and Maybe Naomi if she survives to head to the walking dead either morgans death or he takes them there to take over the rick grimes comic arc with possibly an Andrea like character in Naomi she kinda looks like Andrea from the comic maybe that’s why gimple went to fear to build the next rick grimes remix character and possibly an Andrea remix character

  13. I think Daryl will leave Alexandria with some of the characters in search of something, maybe the Commonwealth, where on their journey they meet the Whisperers. Rick will be left in Alexandria, rebuilding and raising Judith with minor characters. If there is another season and Lincoln wants to return, his character is still alive, if not maybe we are looking at a recasting situation, which granted will not be as good, but story wise, would still have continuity. Either way the show has went on for 9 years so its a success reguardless if this is it. In the comics this same storyline has played out with Eugene and some characters finding the Commonwealth and Rick is left behind in Alexandria aswell. So I see Daryl taking Eugene's comic storyline in this situation.

  14. If Andrew has life obligations that's taking him from the show, I'll continue watching until he returns. If they kill his character, I'm done. They're better off to end the show (if he dies) at the end of the season.

  15. Like everything. When true followers of the walking dead. Talk An post about how it was being made into a show for 2010. People were all like wtf is the walking dead. Then everyone An their dead granny is posting omg the walking dead. An then it fades out An gets ruined by lame asses who never new or read the comics. Smh

  16. What a wuss, you stopped after how Glenn was killed? It’s his comic book death and you can’t be disappointed in the series following the comic book timeline.

  17. Can't Wait till they cancel the The walking dead so they can completely focus on Fear the Walking Dead 100% seeing that the show is better in everyway already.

  18. Yo that’s mess up TWD without Rick it ain’t called TWD…the freaking director really fucked this up I ain’t gonna watch season 9 I just give up

  19. If Andrew Lincoln leaves or dies in the walking dead the walking dead will be over he's the main character in my book i think the walking dead is over any way oh well

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