Anonymous – The Truth May Scare You… (Look Closely 2018-2019)

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Written by frances

Lawyer, Believer, Idea Agent, Database Wrangler, Human Casserole. I want to see your peacock.


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  1. The Truth May Scare You…

    Help by spreading this message, leave a like and subscribe if you haven't done so already.

    We are Anonymous.
    We are Legion.
    We do not forgive.
    We do not forget.
    Expect us.

  2. Truth is The Holy Bible…King James Version.

    If you're honest with yourself, and come to realise the many lies and deceivers…who control you.

    You must understand the evil of this world wants your soul!!!

    There whole game is to hide any and all relevance of your true Father and Creator.
    I urge and kindly put forward, you urgently consider saving your own soul (helping other people as well)…in wholeheartedly having Faith in Our Saviour.
    Believing in his Death, Burial and Resurrection…1 Corinthians 15:1-4

    As all these other conspiracies… don't come close to the absolute Truth of Scripture…seek the Truth, brother's and sister's.

    Instead of thinking…
    1.Federal reserve fraud
    2.Vaccinations of crime
    3.Moon Landing(s)
    4.Globe or Flat Earth…. Stationery it is!!!
    5.Fluoride in the water
    6.Monsanto and GMO's
    7.Multiculterism-Feminism-Racism-Black lives matter-Transgender-Homosexuality
    8.The Vatican and the Jesuits
    9.The Freemasons-Bilderberg group- Illuminati-the cosa Nostra
    10.Jewish families controlling banking-media-publishing houses-hollyweird-financial holdings
    12.Aliens on Earth
    13 Deep underground military bases
    14.NASA and Space station- satellites
    15.5G – Cell phone towers
    16.Control of Weather- HAARP
    17.Cameras and Big Brother watching 24/7- monitoring of internet- and phones
    18.Climate change – raising of sea level
    19.Big Bang theory-Evolution-descent from monkeys
    20.God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit… don't exist???

    Oh yes "Our Creator and Saviour" do…who is 1 and the same.

    As there's a few theories about the above top 20… there's many more topics, but…the Holy Bible and Scriptures…will tell you the Truth.
    You only get discernment through the Holy Spirit….please be patient, and I suggest to ask for help and assistance in prayer.

    Have a great day good people.

  3. The Same tradition of History is repeatedly Played By them Consciously. Pearl Harbor to Hiroshima , Nagasaki , 9/11 to Iraq Iran . Afghanistan , Syria .. Everything is Same , Nothing has changed in decades of Century of their Tradition . The Warmonger no needs to bother about the humanity to slaughter Mankind . We don't Know what , when and where another 9/11 is Waiting for us to write another one false history to the world of Nation. Thank you.

  4. Will any NYCFD and NYCPD back your horrible accusations about that day? In particular buildings collapsing for no reason ?!? OR You think they are all in on the hoax, right?!! Get some real testimony !

  5. I had milk in my fridge this morning and I've just got in from work and it's not there. This is how it starts people, the illuminate, I'm telling you.

  6. Where is the scary part? Now that you know you are a slave…(in my Kanye voice) slavery isn't bad.

  7. Pre planted explosives. Why the plane then ? What was the point of all that internal work. Why not just set it off.

  8. The towers were supposed to break apart into the surrounding blocks. Causing damage at the catastrophic level. Provoking Automatic nuclear response. But they didn't. The one thing every armchair terrorist hasn't realised is that buildings are made to sway. They are not rigid. Otherwise they would topple. The larger ones can sway a football field either way without anyone noticing.

  9. Even Al quaeda didn't realise. And it's a modern engineering principle. So that the base does not extend frame. They go straight up

  10. If the hijackers didn't know it. Then it's highly doubtful there was a professional infiltration team who also didn't realise it. The plane and the explosives don't go together.

  11. The plane vs sway potential does make 4. The planes hit the buildings. Instead of breaking apart they actually absorbed the full impact. That must surely have stressed the entire structure to its limits. After a short while the joints gave way and they pancaked. The exceptional standard of engineering demanded by the state of New York prevented a nuclear war.

  12. Had the buildings swayed beyond their limit and broke apart. The damage to the surrounding area would drawn a nuclear response. There are two sides of Islam. Both have Capitals. One is Bahgdad, The other Cairo. One was always going to be knocked over. The other is very lucky to be here.

  13. What is strange is the Pentagon. It had no plane wreckage. Yet it was damaged. By what? The buildings were sheared. Photographs of buildings in Iraq Serbia , the chines embassy was one. They have the same damage

  14. Anonymous are no better than the politicians they hate so much. How can we trust people who hide behind computers? Who is to say that they are trustworthy. Most of you people need to wake the fuck up because you wont do shit to change anything. Some people will believe anything they see on the internet

  15. If presidents are pawns I wonder who the real king is in this game. Or better yet who is playing the game?

  16. u are talking for bush … peopla vote donald trump … people dumb … people goes where wind is going , people are like a Mechanism that doesnt know how to work together , to trust where it must . bla bla bla … i mean for some people is still not clear in which year we fkn leave bro

  17. Bin laden had nothing to do with the attacks. The media gave the impression that he did. If he had sticked around there would be no isis or strict rebel groups. In fact bin laden was a CIA agent aware of this plot which is why he fled back to afghanistan and was accused of being the mastermind of 911.

  18. I have a vendetta mask, and I have friends who are on Anonymous along with family, I support you Anonymous, we are we are a legion we do not forget we do not forgive, expect us

  19. We know from other videos that it was an i side job by the governme nt who's intention was to start a war in Iraq. Cheeney was making billions as a part owner of haliburton. They knew Iraq had no WMD's. Living in NYC at the time, working in the financial district it was really weird that there was not one coffee cart on the sidewalks,many owned by muslims- ma y say they were warned not to work that day. Bush grounded all airplanes except 1- bin ladens sister was allowed to fly out of the country that day. We should have known better back then. But we know better now. May the father creator bless those who didnt have to die that day but did. Never forget. Be well besafe and always remain LEGION!

  20. Our government 🤣🤣🤣🤣 they are the one's that will slaughter the humanity,This evil people…on top of it they are pathetic paedophile they run the ring of perverts, we're our kids gone from all over the country …Puppets running country…who do you trust????🤔🤔🤔😏In God and me myself and I…fuck goverment or politics..All elites Royals they all are involved with evil….wat more proof we need people wake up b4 it's to late…stop pretend's time for they New world order

  21. If people would just do some EXTENSIVE RESEARCH, they would find the TRUTH! They WON'T LIKE IT! They DON'T WANNA BELIEVE IT! I didnt EITHER! But I searched & searched & came to my OWN conclusion! I WAS NOT HAPPY AT ALL! I was SICKENED! WHO would even THINK this was even POSSIBLE?! OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE! OPEN YOUR EYES & DO YOUR RESEARCH! DO YOUR RESEARCH! It's ALL OUT THERE! I KNOW you don't wanna believe it, NEITHER DID I! But it's ALL THERE! Is there anything you can DO ABOUT IT? NOPE! NOT A DAMNED THING! But KNOWING the truth KIND of helps in a WIERD sort of way. I guess.

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