AWKWARD CELEB INTERVIEWS (Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber)

Awkward Celeb Interviews!

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Written by frances

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  1. Why do interviewers who don't know shit about the actors or the movies they play in have the chutzpah to come and interview them anyway? Idiots… they should really check these people out before sending them off to interview celebrities who don't have time for bullshit in their busy schedules.

  2. The woman who called Cara "Carla", the man that thought Samuel Jackson is Lawrence Fishburne, the guy that didn't even see Kristen Wiig's movie, etc. These interviewers had one job and they can't do it.

  3. Sam Jackson needs to calm tf down… people confuse white people all the time, he really didn't have to make that a loud racist moment…

  4. I thought Cara was being kinda rude, but it’s so tactless to straight up ask her why she’s acting that way on live television and then laugh at her.

  5. James Brown…uch hes like a ugly black frog. Just waving it away like it's nothing. Asshole. Ohw just sayin i ain't no racist. If he was like white it would have been ugly white frog…just saying. It's that huge mouth with life preservers as lips that make me think of frogs. One "Ribbit" and i would have lost it.

  6. I think it's funny how Joan is getting all offended by the interviewer yet she thinks it's funny when she offends people. Hypocrite..

  7. On Cara D. interview: those TV host are 89% stupid to use this kind of interviews…so stupid…they must be 12 grader graduates…no college schooling…..what a stupid stupid stupid interview…. and on the ryan interview, another stupid….on the 2 women trying to let that guy unbutton..there's losers right there….

  8. Samuel L jackson needs to get over himself, it's not about being black. Cara Delevigne needs to get over herself too. That attitude for no reason. Sheesh.

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