Bangalore Pub Brawl : Mohammed Nalapad Surrenders, Should His Father Quit As MLA ? | People’s Court

Congress MLA NA Haris’ son Mohammed Nalapad Haris, who has been booked for allegedly assaulting a youth at an upscale pub-cum-restaurant has surrendered before the police in Bangalore. Remaining elusive after the police booked him and his friends in the pub brawl case, Nalapad turned up at the Cubbon Park police station and surrendered, as the incident became a major political issue ahead of the upcoming Karnataka Assembly polls. BJP is now demanding the sacking of the MLA itself.
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  1. See how this congress cheap politician is talking. I wonder how these people live with their families with such third class thinking and they don't have any shame to talk in favour of these third class basterds and goondas. Look at this basterd Harris statement, that it is a small issue. So if somebody rapes his (Harris) daughter, then according to him it should not be big issue right…….

  2. Nalapad Haris is an asshole. He is a known rowdy sheeter. Release and do an encounter. He does not deserve to be left in public. Hold his father responsible for his encounter as he did a stupid job bringing up his tumor son

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