Becky G’s Power Rangers Character Is Gay & Becomes First Big-Screen LGBT Superhero

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Becky G’s character in Power Rangers has just been revealed to be gay.
The film is BREAKING ground with the FIRST queer, Big screen superhero!
The Lionsgate reboot of the ’90s children’s TV show is the first big-budget superhero movie to feature an LGBT character. Becky G plays the Yellow Power Ranger in the film – and the director explained that the scene where the news is revealed is small but “pivotal.”
In the scene Trini is going through relationship problems, which one of the heroes assumes is “boyfriend problems,” but then discovers it’s actually “girlfriend problems.”
The director gushed to The Hollywood reporter saying QUOTE: “For Trini, really she’s questioning a lot about who she is,” saying “She hasn’t fully figured it out yet. I think what’s great about that scene and what that scene propels for the rest of the movie is, ‘That’s OK.’ The movie is saying, ‘That’s OK,’ and all of the kids have to own who they are and find their tribe.”
There are some superheroes that have represented the LGBTQ community before, but it’s never actually been translated on the big screen. And while this is only a small moment in the movie, it’s ground breaking none the less.
Power Rangers hits theaters this Friday, so get excited! I do of course want to know what all of you are thinking about Becky G’s character being ‘gay’ let’s chat in the comments section below, of course subscribe to our channel, then you can click right here to see the Clevver irls becoming Dj’s on a new episode of Beauty Trippin. I’m Ryland Adams, thanks for watching!

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  1. This LGBT shit is so forced. It's meant to be for a young audience but JUST to be "Politically Correct", they'll probably show a lot of homosexual scenes and anybody who complains is automatically a fascist. However, if it were heterosexual scenes that same people would say "sheesh, they really ought to bump up the age rating on this"

  2. There shouldn't be such thing as gay people in no movies, but with a franchise like the power rangers, these kind of changes seem forced and not needed. Hollywood doesn't care about the script, they only care about money and they know adding a power ranger whose edgy and apparently gay, will cause a commotion and get people to go see the movie. I wasn't around when the power rangers started, but even I know, that's something you don't do. Drastic changes like this are what cause movies to fail. A good example would be the Ghostbusters (2016). That was a movie shoving political correctness down our throats and not respecting the original ghostbusters at all. When it comes to independent films, you can go wild with the story and characters, I mean ya it can suck but there's no big changes being made at all, only ideas. When it's a remake of some big franchise that had a huge fanbase, stick the original plot. I mean jeez, I don't think the original power rangers were as edgy as these guys, even the horrible shows.

  3. WTF?!?!?! What is the purpose and reason behind this kind of crap?!!?!? One cannot help wonder what the freakin' motives behind this are… So much makes me not want to see it now… Just stupid and unnecessary…

  4. While you add it, just make every movie and kids cartoons with gay characters. Smh. Goddamn. does everything has bo gay now?? everything i watch now on TV. Disney, Nickelodeon, MTV? there has to be gay in it. Why?? Nothing against if people are gay but this is bullshit. This is really exaggerating and making a gay statement is pushing it to far. People will hate the LGBT community even more if gay is in everywhere now and pushing it. It's like forcing straight people to much to except LGBT community. That doen'st work. it will create more hate towards gay people. it's like gay people wan't to much of attention in movies and shows. Now people are going argue and fight  about this on YouTube comments gay vs striaght. Now does this makes everything better ?? No, you creat more hate to gays. let it go with the flow and not pushing it. Let straight people just except the gay cummunity in time and let people enjoy movies and not deal with the gay rights all the time. Now what, In The next teenage mutant ninja tutles 3 movie has April have to be a lesbian too?? just to make a statement?? or gay character in transformers 6??

  5. I'm glad that the new yellow ranger was gay I think it was cool but the mighty morphing Trini(rip) was WAY MORE different to the 2017 Trini..but the film was great

  6. Am I the only on who doesn't really want her to be gay like I mean she can be bisexual but idk I just don't really want her being gay this is just my opinion

  7. I didn't like it. The movie would be better if it was normal and not having Becky be gay because it's natural a girl to be with a boy not a girl. I'm not saying that I don't like people that are gay I just don't approve what their doing, their actions.

  8. If gays were that proud they wouldn't need media representation that conflicts with the personal interests of other people, I tell you we're one generation away from them screaming it in our ears. Not that it's a problem but they should really be more secure about themselves.

  9. All I know is they Becky G is in power rangers and she's fucking fine as fuck so I'm watching this shit either way

  10. How is she gay? I just saw the movie there is no indication that she was…Just typical liberal marketing i guess

  11. From watching the movie, I have a feeling that her character may not be gay at all. From what I saw, she seemed to be questioning her sexuality, which is a phase that all teens go through because they are trying find their identity. Most of those teens who go through that phase choose to remain straight. This is pure speculation on my part from seeing the movie, but I do know from scientific research and the American College of Pediatrics that people aren't born that way and that becoming LGBT is a choice you make. Even I questioned my sexuality for a while and ended up choosing to remain straight.

  12. Everyone is acting like this is a big deal and I guess it sorta is but in the movie no lgbt kissing and the gay character it's one little part. It would have been better if they would have had her kissing another girl or actually show the girl she was in a relationship with (or wanted to) I haven't seen the movie but I'm pretty sure none of that happened. If they r gonna have gay characters let them have gay moments like the straight superheroes let them get the girl/guy. Also deadpool is pansexual I'm pretty sure the actor even said in the second deadpool movie he wanted him to maybe have a male love interest he also had some lgbt subtext.

  13. This ruined this shit for me, just turned it off, like wtf I didn't watch a movie just to be brainwashed into a political agenda, like are the characters having sex with people? So why the need to specify on one's sexual attraction, fucking stupid

  14. Frankly I'm disgusted with this new ranger movie. Was it well done, yes, but the have taken a childhood classic that had true ethical and moral standards and threw it all away so they can turn the power rangers into this 'politically' correct show. I'm disgusted not by the different ethnic groups of the rangers, props for creating a more balanced team and not just white. But for them to throw in a homosexual ranger is revolting. It should not be that some minority class of people, who basically are saying in the long run, 'lets decrease the population by getting rid of ethical and moral marriages' and if nobody realises that all homosexuals will die off and leave no true biological heirs which if you believe in evolution and support homosexuals then the two equal to homosexuals being the weakest of the human species and they are not fit to move on and they, according to evolution, will die off. So back to my point, I find it ridiculous that people have to turn something that doesn't need to be involved with political acts into some pivot point for homosexuals. There is no need for it!

  15. I didn't even notice, guess I forgot. so I guess good for her? She's so brave?
    Guess a lotta movies are going to have token gay characters now

  16. Hopefully they'll just make her bisexual but have her end up with Zack. That way they can kill two birds with one stone. She and Zack had great chemistry in the movie and would make the perfect couple. Plus they are already together in the comics.

  17. Fuck lgbt beckky faggot its the same bullshit Hollywoods been doing this shit for 35 years fuck you hoolywood and nickelodien
    You bunch of fags

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