Bella Thorne in PLAYBOY – Justin Bieber Moving To London (DHR)

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Bella strips down in Playboy, and Justin moves to London? All this & more on today’s DHR.

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  1. the only thing that zayn ex is showing is how hurt and bitter she still is ! I get it I've been cheated on but she needs to move on and stop using his name for promo

  2. I get why Bella is doing this because she has to show the media that she is grown up now. then they will stop casting her in kids movies.

  3. i never liked perrie when i was a "directioner" and this just gives me all the more reason to not like her. lol control your salt levels.

  4. lil mix really need to hop off😂 she really hurt and sick from that break up like girl..he moved on👀 you making yourself look bad lmao…you need to be focusing on getting better at music👀💯 zayn is really not bothered by you lol…you not getting his attention. and gigi is prettier then perrie anyway😴💯

  5. I would rather move in with Justin…..and also his a huge fan of " Fly Emirates" Soooooo OMG Justin we should date together because i have lil bro whose a HUGE fan of " Fly Emirates"…..

  6. Uh…heaven don't have angels like yourself, cussing and hating. Also, totally stating the absolute given obvious, but we like the new fake profile. As we all know, Brooke isn't even really Brooke. What also doesn't hold up in court when cases like these come up are multiple profiles with fake monikers attached. What COULD legally hold up in court is impersonation charges. But still, I would really hate for this to hit the news outlets and Selena ultimately see the lengths her crazed fan went through to bully everyone online. Kinda hard to hide your face once the media comes knocking on your door. Glad the rest of us Selena fans are calm and collected.

  7. So happy that the manwhore is leaving the U.S.. Glad he is going to be someone else's problem. This made my day!!!!

  8. Hey clevver, I just came back from the Taylor Swift concert and she was playing "this is what you came for". I'm soooo confused WHAT DOES THIS MEAN????

  9. Hey clevver, I just came back from the Taylor Swift concert and she was playing "this is what you came for". I'm soooo confused WHAT DOES THIS MEAN???? thank you, courtn

  10. Kendall Jenner has NEVER been in a "shitty apartment". She doesn't even know the MEANING of what a "shitty apartment" IS. These pampered fucking celebs are funny as hell. Kendall never had to work for shit. I'm not knocking her success I'm just being real here.

  11. okay I don't like Bella Thorne, but I don't care about her on playboy. but HAVING A DAVID BOWIE JACKET ON HER TRIGGERED ME. I'm in love with David bowie and she probally didn't pick the jacket but ugh I just hate the whole situation

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