Best Halloween News Bloopers

Funny Halloween bloopers, best reporter scare pranks, funniest weather report costumes that left the viewers laughing.

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Written by frances

Lawyer, Believer, Idea Agent, Database Wrangler, Human Casserole. I want to see your peacock.


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  1. Happy Halloween!!! Here are our favorite Halloween news bloopers ever. Please like, comment, and share this video! Let us know in the comments which one is your favorite and if we missed any we can include in Part 2.

  2. Last Halloween I put 4 or 5 fake plastic spiders under some papers on my bosses desk. (very realistic looking)
    You could literally hear him scream like 3rd grade girl from behind closed doors in his office. It was relatively quiet in there, a semi-large open area with cubicles, if you will. You could hear some people start to laugh.
    I literally almost lost my job because of that.
    Well, actually it was because he made a complete ass of himself screaming like a school girl and was really embarrassed for weeks after that. He rarely came out of his office. 4 days later he reprimanded me pretty bad. 2 weeks suspension for "unnecessary conduct" in the office quarters.
    I think he's forgiven me since then, but I have a feeling the topic will come up very soon.

  3. I love how these news teams treat Halloween as a 31 days version of April Fool. They seem to be fun places to work in especially for this month.

  4. Scaring news reporters is so easy lol!
    I wanna work on one of those sets so I can do something dumb like throw a fake spider at one of em and just watch the entire room explode into laughter.

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