Best News Bloopers September 2017

Best News Bloopers September 2017!
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  1. The blooper that was my favorite was Sean Hannity and the story not being ready to air and him just sitting there smoking. I did not know he was a smoker. I like him a lot and never hardly disagree with his opinions if at all. But that one just made me laugh so hard. Also the blooper where the animal that looked like a monkey with the long tail decided to take a crap on the air. Guess he could not hold it. This is the best collection of the hundreds of blooper videos on here that made me laugh the very most. Thank you for doing this for all the people to enjoy.

  2. It's funny to see how different news anchors react to bloopers depending on their country. For example, the British remain totally straight faced and professional. Australian anchors add onto the blooper by making funny comments. American anchors laugh for a very long time and then have difficulty getting back on topic.

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