BIG NEWS! Bob Iger Wants Kathleen Kennedy Gone – Saving Star Wars

Grace Randolph’s Video –

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  1. They only learned how to completely turn a unified fan base that was a money printing machine, into a divided fan base that is a money burning piece of junk. An old RJ interview was of him saying he wants to create a movie that at the end has the audience divided by liking it or hating it. He now gets to learn the business result of such a foolish and selfish personal goal…

  2. great news!! i HATED The last Jedi.
    I even stayed away from going to Solo for a long time.

    Then i finally went and tried to have an open mind because i didn't like the actor they chose for Han. I left actually enjoying it more than the other newer star wars movies somehow.
    i actually want to see it twice. I fell asleep both times i saw Rogue one no matter how much i wanted to love it. The force awakens was so so . No clue why i enjoyed Solo so much compared to the rest but i do hope that none are worse than that one from this point on.

  3. Kathleen Kennedy Hired By National Catering Company, Says She Doesn't Need To Cater To Male Customers

  4. Rian Johnson has to leav to. In the video you linked she says that Kathleen "and" her supporters inside star wars has to leave. Like you say. Kathleen Kennedy is cancer. She spread the SWJ in Star wars and it all has to be removed.

  5. Awesome Awesome Awesome!!!! The Rebellion has, once again, struck a blow of influence against the ignorant Empire (Disney)

  6. "Tailoring it to SJWs" has nothing to do with the main reason these movies suck. These movies suck because they play it safe and repeat story beats and also have no overarching singular creative vision for the franchise. They are incredibly mismanaged and indecisive in the tone of the movie they want, and fire people and reshoot and etc. Kathleen Kennedy blows, I agree, she's old and outdated. But the SJW stuff you're going on about? You sound just as annoying as an SJW in some stupid buzzfeed video. You're basically an alt right version of the "women try manspreading" video. Also, where's your proof they're not buying toys or seeing a movie twice? A lot of that crowd seems to oversupport product where their values are marketed as being represented. So SJW crowd ruining Star Wars? Well, that robot in Solo sucked – but outside of that…casting female leads in these movies effects the quality of them in no way different than if they casted dudes. I bet in the 70s there were people like you hating on a New Hope because Princess Leia was "such a try-hard" or some crap.

  7. Bob Iger CREATED this mess.

    So you are trying to convey that all this identity politics always existed in Star Wars, Marvel, Muppet, Avatar franchises???

    Disney starting in around the 90's was nothing but female empowerment with dumb male characters as soon as Isner took over.

    They strayed away from Disney tradition and had a huge fight between Roy and no confidence over the direction of Disney.

    This is also when Isner was making 29 million a year and turned Disney into a media whore where Iger just continued the pace.

    Then Iger was caught up in a scandal with lawsuit over firing the IT and Animation department just to outsource both of them to India.

    Also instead of hiring local the import workers from the Philippines and other 3rd world countries to work in the park as ticket agents and vendors. They live on sight and this is not conspiracy, it is fact.

    Iger is evil and he encouraged this behavior.

    He also ran out of Trump's business summit when he was elected because Iger didn't want to be lectured.

    These people get what they deserve.

  8. If only there was a hero out there, somewhere that would kidnap Kathleen Kennedy and strap the cunt to a gynaecologists stool equiped with a mounted jackhammer with a ribbed dildo attached and have it fuck her in da ass till she passes away from internal hemorrhaging

  9. Why do we, most of us, Star Wars fans or not, have to kneel to the SJWs and watch the things we love ruined? I remember last Christmas, here in NY. People were protesting and demanding Christmas trees in the mall be taken down as they offended them. What the fuck is wrong with people?

  10. Kennedy, Johnson, and the other SJW's at Lucius Films all need to be fired ceremoniously in front of the OG fans of Star Wars. If Iger did that, it would renew some trust in Disney again. The movies would still be $#!T, but it would be a great first step in the right direction. Who ever takes over must have a positive emotional attachment to the OG Trilogy, like Mark Hamill. No SJWs allowed at Lucius Films.

  11. Tell Me, WHAT did Iger DO for Disney OTHER THEN BUY OTHER PEOPLES WORK. Disney used to be the Pinacle of Artistry and Imagination, NOW THEY JUST SHOP AROUND FOR OTHERS IDEAS, BUY THEM, THEN RUIN THEM.

  12. What would make a better movie is a movie about how Disney killed Star Wars. Do you suppose that Disney is going to stop being occultist because it hurts them financially?

    Disney's business has been the corruption of our youth. They just feel they can do anything. Disney is not just one wicked witch like Kathleen Kennedy. It is a coven of them.

  13. I love your description of SJW, dead on bud they don't respect history, they want to change it that's why they don't buy merchandise like us normal people do

  14. Steven Spielberg! But i wouldn't blame anyone who would not want to take Kathleen Kennedy's place in this toxic place !i hope someone can fix it though ! Not gonna hold my breath ! Will always enjoy the original trilogy!

  15. If you believe this spin then you are an idiot. Actions speak the truth and no action has been taken besides trying to make it look like some has. Now the force is completely meaningless Starwars is simply an expensive episode of power rangers. THE END

  16. Has anyone also notice that every time we involve people who don't know what the fuck they're doing the movies that we have away suck. Like for example Ghostbusters 2016 with Paul feig as director it just sucked that and really pissed off the fans of that brand. And now we get a another look at another brand Star Wars where some feminist looking motherfucker tries to Rebrand everything like it's a female thing. Star Wars was for everybody not just for females this person needs to get their ass out of their head. I am so done with the wrong people being in the brands of our beloved fan bases we need to cause Anarchy to get these companies to the rights of these movies to do something listen to The dame fans people!

  17. If they had kept the EU as canon the job for movie developement would have been so much easier as the scripts were pretty much written already. Make that all canon and youll have storylines for the next ten years.

  18. Cancel episode 7 and 8 and follow the books.
    Restore dignity to Han Solo and Luke Skywalker.
    Then jump into the future, at least 100 years and start with a new original story.

  19. I’m not a customer of star wars. It’s just not for me. (I watch star wars films for free when casually passing by them randomly if I’ve got nothin. Better to do).
    I just wanna say I’m glad your franchise is getting its shit slowly back together.
    As a creative person and as a customer of other franchises it is a tragedy to me when people do this shit to an amazing franchise.
    I just imagine this shit happening to franchises I love.
    Star wars fans have my support.

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