‘Big Short’ Investor Steve Eisman On Bitcoin And Crypto | CNBC

Steve Eisman, Neuberger Berman portfolio manager, speaks with CNBC’s “Squawk Box” about bitcoin and blockchain, and whether he’d short digital currencies.
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‘Big Short’ Investor Steve Eisman On Bitcoin And Crypto | CNBC

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Written by frances

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  1. Saying the blockchain is good but cryptocurrency's are not is like saying "I like electrical devices but i dont like electricity." The majority of blockchains can not function without a cryptocurrency. There are some that can but this is by far the minority.

  2. He is either a liar or a shill for the banks! Neither choice is admirable! Can’t stand these evil people!

  3. Bitcoin has no utility as a massively used currency rn. Visa processes 3000 tx a second whereas BTC can only process 26. We need sharding for ETH because at the moment the only crypto that can support a large number of people transacting is XRP, which is just a centralized shitcoin anyway- and still, the platform can only handle 1500 txs/second. So yes, he's right. Right now, bitcoin is only useful for laundering and speculation.

  4. Wow, we're still at this point. Got a long ways to go before people realize blockchain and a native token cannot be separated. It's going to be quite the montage that somebody will put together of old dudes not understanding what Bitcoin is and commenting about it anyway. Good luck understanding DPOS, or how decentralized exchanges work. The only reason Bitshares isn't $50/token is because people don't understand how it works lol. We have a LONG ways to go.

  5. so basically this clip is asking a guy who knows admittedly nothing about crypto and bitcoin what his opinion is to which he says he sees no utility in it, yet he also knows nothing about it and doesn't invest in any traditional currencies either? What a waste of an interview topic CNBC.

  6. Exactly. At some point those assets that doesn't provide utility and solve real world problems will be dramatically depreciated. At the moment there is silly, unregulated speculation.

  7. I watched the big short probably 5 times, great film!… sorry but i think you are a bit too old to talk crypto… just like the rest 😛

  8. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😋😋😋
    What a dork:
    First off, i have no idea about crypto…. But i have an opinion , that…..blablablablabla.

  9. This crypto craze is only just beginning, You'd be crazy to think other wise! That's why I love the fact that I can still pull in hundreds of dollars a day and only work a few minutes a day. When you've got the best thing out there, it all becomes a reality. Join me … you'll quickly see how possible this all really is: see how I do it here


  11. I loved the confidence on her saying "Africa has crypto in place… its relevant… a whole continent" – yes it is a continent full of the most diverse group of the worst criminals in the planet… how she can not see that its perfect for them to laundry their revenue from criminal activities and that could be something other continents should follow??? I think she wanted to outsmart the guy that accomplished what she won't ever in her life… classic envy

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