Bitcoin all time highs!! and Ethereum Daily News! Segwit BIP 91 Update!

Thanks for everyone watching and subscribing to my channel! In this video we discuss the segwit issues and the Hard fork issues. Did you know that bitcoin has hard forked before to increase transaction size. we we are at the point now that it might fork again. Segwit will most likely happen and there is a very slim chance that it hard forks on august 1st. In ethereum news, a large wallet was hacked and over 30 million dollars were stolen from a few pilarity wallets. there apparently was a hacker who was also responsible for stopping the attack otherwise more money would have been stolen. Ethereum and Bitcoin both look like they are ready to stabilize here on the charts. Thank you everyone for watching and subscribing to my channel!

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Written by frances

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  1. Maybe you can answer this concerning the recent hack, Vitalik has already came out and said that the ecosystem was less mature when the DAO attack happened so no hard fork is possible. Will this make ETC redundant? Does this officially prove that there is no reverse gear on ETH? It's hard to believe that all this will get swept under the rug.

  2. Cheers Austin, would be great if you caught a couple of Bitcoins while fishing, and seeing miners selling their rigs and jumping in the lakes.. ; )

  3. i thought you looked familiar. The other day I was watching you catch snook from the beach and today I find you doing crypto. Thumbs up!

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