Bitcoin, Blockchain and Chicken McNuggets [Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News]

Bitcoin, Blockchain and Chicken McNuggets [Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News] –

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency (crypto) news for 3/12/2018. A look at what’s happening with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Cardano, Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies today. Market shows sideways movement today. Not much news today other than John Oliver’s piece on Cryptocurrency. Funny stuff. Also participants in the P2P Cryptocurrency Competition have been selected.
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Written by frances

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  1. No matter what Genesis Mining is a really really bad investment in crypto terms. A 1200 USD investment, will approximately give Pay you back 2000 USD after 2 years. Thats a a really bad return, compared to just buying and holding BTC. Expect 6 months. before you see any payouts, and dont excpect any customer support. As you can read, I really dont recomend it 🙂

  2. I am mostly a Hodler but after this segment on John's tv show it kinda makes me question many different aspects of crypto. Good video George! Keep it up.

  3. Lawmakers in South Carolina would not even know what Genesis is. Someone had to have called and complained. Same with Bitconnect and Davor. This was the danger of going after those ponzis, lawmakers will always look for more to do. Crypto Marine was in contact with the Texas SEC during the cease and desists and hinted that exchanges were on their radar. Be careful getting government involved.

  4. Marius is full of shit. He claimed there would be a breakout March 10th, and it did the opposite, then he claims victory because it goes up a few hundred points at the very, very end of the day. The guy is such a fucking scam artist, then he blocks anyone who points that out.

    He's the Bitconnect of "TA".

    I like MagicPoopCannon of TradingView. He gives it to you straight, he's often right, admits when he isn't, and is fun to read.

    I always make sure and watch you and Mr. Satko everyday, ¢oindaddy. You guys are the best for consistent everyday news.

  5. Will these coins be based on their rise in price or satoshis? Because ont is a small cap coin that is easily pumped

    I nominate Litecoin and Monero for this week

  6. How do you feel about Genesis C&D letter? I personally wasn't a fan of Genesis. To me if you gotta PREPAY up to 5 months in advance for hashpower thats a Ponzi… That person could of spend that same money on their own physical rig they owned and ROI'd in that 5 months… Just my opinion. I do cloud mine but not with Genesis I use CCG and I have been very happy. I also mine at home as well with rigs and my phone with Minergate. Been mining Bytecoin on my mobile phones for almost a year

  7. Not really sure how anyone thinks the John Oliver special was fair or balanced. Oliver brought up EVERY single downside to cryptocurrency, which is fair, but only if you discuss the potential world-altering upsides as well.

  8. George, the big movement to decouple alt coins to bitcoin pairing is gathering. Everyone is sick of this BS of alt coins value held hostage to bitcoin. Those coins where most of its trading volume in fiat will be rerated favourably. There is one coin that has the highest trading volume in fiat proportion to BTC…5:1 ratio is TIX, BlockTix. Before, it was solely trading in BTC and ETH pairings in Bittrex. In Dec 2017, it was listed in biggest Korean exchange, Upbit, and trading in Korean fiat. Trade volume in first 30 days in Korean fiat currency account for 90% of entire volume including Bittrex. This is the only coin that trades on fiat almost completely decoupled from bitcoin pairing. Why do Koreans trade BlockTix so heavily ? Because it is poised to be the FIRST coin to dominate North America in shows and events ticketing. They are coming out with this app that allows you to use debit/credit card to buy TIX token to pay for show tickets. This leads to mass adoption of its crypto and become a household name. Buy TIX now for 100x before the big rush.

  9. George, You should pick more than two cyptos per week. It wouldn't cost any more to pay the winner, and more cyptos would get exposed.

  10. I liked it too, they did some research albeit all not accurate they had good points. It was good exposure for the space.

  11. George, here's an important, serious video about why hodling is not as unconditionally good strategy in crypto's as it is in trad. investing…. …. We always felt : okay, hodl, but take profits from time to time….

  12. I think ncash might just be the coin we all got into this for. It may take patience but they have a global view of the technologies use and the coin used as incentive for adoption. It's on the level of Satoshi's vision, I think. The company has the road map most comparable to the long term goals of a man like Masayoshi Son of Softbank. I am bullish on this project. US campaign in Q1 of 2019. There's still time before lambo. Look at #ncash on twitter. It's blowing up!

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