Bitcoin BTC use falling. VeChain completes swap and issues new wallet. Morgan Stanley crypto trading

Cryptocurrency news of the day : Bitcoin (BTC) use is falling. VeChain has completed token swap and have issued new wallet. Morgan Stanley poaches crypto expert from Credit Suisse
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Disclaimer this video is for educational purposes this is not financial advice!


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  1. Yesterday I woke up to find my ether wallet had been hacked. I couldn't believe my eyes lol. So iv spent the past 20 hours or so hunting the thief(s). Iv got names, exchanges, trails of wallets and all the social media accounts they've used ;)))) and iv found what might how they did it I just don't understand fully yet. This is what iv found so far

    And the thief just became active again 30 mins ago stealing from more wallets

  2. I am insulted you were using such a derogatory term as retarded! I am very very offended! The proper term is fucking retart! Please we need to be politically correct!

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