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Cryptocurrency 24 hours 24/7 news
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  1. I think with fast money consistently pumping it we can expect a lot of new money coming in to BCH.

    I don't follow the mainstream crypto community sentiment that it's a shitcoin or a rip off of BTC.

    BCH was forked as protective measure for the protocol as a large portion of the community felt that segregation of the witness data within a transaction was a security flaw and did not hold water within the original proposal of the coin.

    It's unfortunate that it has prolific figures such as Ver, Wu, Wright, and BK as supporters as they all have garnered negative stigma within the crypto community.

    Nevertheless, from a Software Engineer's POV the protocol is true to the original white paper and is progressing in meaningful ways.

    I do not believe that the block size debate is worth argument as the progression of the underlying technologies continue to advance within Murphy's law projections.

    For Enterprise and mainstream use, the bottom line is larger blocks are required. LN functions more efficiently with a larger blocksize and BCH is capable of supporting it's own lighting network. Contrary to popular belief, segwit is not required for a mesh network.

    I firmly believe that long term a global currency is inevitable, and BTC's current development philosophy is incapable of sufficient infrastructure for the demands of global usage.

    There are few alternative currencies which provide meaningful utility, and BCH is more suited for its intended use cases, as stated within the whitepaper, than the BTC protocol.

    The influential figures within the crypto community continue to overlook the realities of the capability of the two networks and how they relate to their stated purpose, and that will continue to influence investment in BTC.

    In short, both have real potential for substantial ROI for discerning investors, but BCH has more real world utility than BTC, while remaining more loyal to the ideals held by Nakamoto. Long term, I don't believe that the global community will find meaningful use cases for BTC, while BCH is significantly more capable of providing robust functionality in real world application.

  2. I hate bitcoin trash. There is only 1 true king of the crypto world and that is the one and only Bitcoin.
    I will never buy bitcoin cash. If you are looking for investment opportunities to generate profits, there are far better options than investing in bitcoin trash.
    Check out privacy coins such as Monero and upcoming ones such as DeepOnion. Privacy coins will be big in the future.

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