BITCOIN CASH VS BITCOIN 2018 | Roger Ver on CNBC Fast Money

Bitcoin Cash vs Bitcoin on CNBC. Roger Ver talks about everything happening inc. Bitcoin Cash Upgrade, BCH Adoption and his price prediction for 2018.

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  1. Why to have 32 mb updrade if you can't even pay a coffee with it????? Please explain….no one retail store accept Bitcoin cash….

  2. He's right.. try to spend some Bitcoin online. If Bitcoin Cash is an option it's a no brainier. Would you rather have a near instant transaction for a penny or less or a 45 minute transaction for like $5… Hmmmm. I learned this the hard way sending BTC to exchanges only to realize that I was getting F'd by the miners. Switched to BCH and it was instant for almost nothing. Back in December fees were insane too. Can you imagine how many people were turned off by Bitcoin when they decided to dip their toes in the water and make a $100 purchase and then learned that to send it anywhere would basically cost $50-$100!!!! And all these shills call BCH BCash it BCrash or BTrash only because they are part of an active campaign against it. It's pathetic. Bitcoin Cash is more Bitcoin than BTC at this point. Just read the white paper. Nowhere does it say Digital Gold or Store of Value. That is all BS and propoganda by the BTC Core team and minera who want to make more on fees. They also want to take everything off the Blockchain with Lightning which defeats the purpose. Do your own research people. Don't listen to me or Roger or stupid trolls that just name call. You will start to understand what Roger and myself are referring to and come to your own decision as to who is being truthful and who isn't.

  3. Bitcoin Cash is what Bitcoin used to be, BTC is no longer digital money, bankers that fund Blockstream made it so.
    BTC is now nothing but a overpriced speculative bullshit that has lost its use case as money, Bitcoin Cash continues the original Bitcoin principles and works as real Bitcoin… BTC no longer does.
    Core losers can't stomach this fact and have no other way to argue against these facts, so they resort to propaganda and name calling.

  4. your video was very informative ,but the question is have you mined with Mr Arron mining strategy and trends to see how profitable it works? for me with just little contract i can mine higher amount of Bitcoins within a short time with the help of Mr Arron mining strategy and trends. So i recommend you contact him for more details(

  5. It's good see that CNBC's Fast Money is interested in hearing what Roger has to say. I've watched their Fast Money show in the past and in my opinion the only trader on the show who is opened mined, and who also has any understanding at all of Bitcoin Cash and cryptocurrency in general, is Dan Nathan. So I personally give some respect to Dan. Also, it was good to hear Roger mention the Winklevoss twins and their Gemini exchange now approved for buying/selling Bitcoin Cash!

  6. Roger good explanation.
    Logical and interesting.
    Digital gold may not disappear for a while. If governments decided to back their currency on digital gold then and only then do i see a future for BTC.
    BCH is the real king of crypto for now.
    Just imagine if you could go back in time and buy BTC at 1200$.
    BCH even gives people that second chance if they so desire.

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