Bitcoin Could Hit $60,000 In 2018 But Another Crash Is Coming, Startup Exec Says | CNBC

Cryptocurrency entrepreneur Julian Hosp says bitcoin’s rapid rise isn’t over yet. But there’s a catch.
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Bitcoin Could Hit $60,000 In 2018 But Another Crash Is Coming, Startup Exec Says | CNBC

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  1. The only reason Bitcoin is worth so much more than other crypto currencies is because millions of business now will except it in exchange for cash on small to medium purchases. Because of that it's become an anchor currency sort of like how the US dollar is considered the world reserve currency. Also simular to the Petro dollar system how you can only buy oil in exchange for dollars in order to buy most crypto currencies other than bit coin first you have to buy bit coin and then you have to use bit coin to buy other crypto currencies and then when you want to sell other crypto currencies for cash first you have to sell your other crypto currency in exchange for bit coin and then finely you can sell your bit coins for cash. Bit coin has a monopoly on crypto currency because it's the only crypto currency businesses will except unless your just buying a cup of coffee somewhere in Silicon Valley at the crypto coffee shop.

  2. This guy is nobody in the cryptocurrency world. People like him are making coin businesses every hour of the day, and 99 percent of the bitcoin copy ''alt coins'' are scams that are pumped and then dumped much like a penny stock. This guy is a penny stock coin company owner, in a basic way to describe it. He knows nothing, he is just talking out his lower cavity

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