Bitcoin Debate: Roger Shuts Down Blockstream supporter in Korea | Roger Ver Vlog 4

A blockstream supporter debates Roger Ver on bitcoin in our 4th vlog.

Roger recently visited Korea to bring bitcoin and cryptocurrency awareness. He visited several of the leading exchanges including Huobi & coinnest as well as giving keynote presentations at the startup conference and bitcoin cash meetup.

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Written by frances

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  1. Who do you think won the debate? 🔥 🔥 🔥

    As always we're giving away #BitcoinCash t-shirts to the best comments. 👕 <– Be witty, challenging or informative.

    This is just the first part of Roger's Seoul tour in Korea, the second part is coming soon.

    Thanks for the support and if you want the world of #cryptocurrency to grow. Share the video and join the movement.

  2. I think Bitcoin Core and Cash are going to compete in the near future. They took different paths with different solutions for the same problem. Will see which one people choose. Today I prefer to store value with Bitcoin core. Just my opinion.

  3. One point that needs to be corrected, both btc and bch have about the same transaction fee in Satoshis per byte, Rodger ver is technically wrong here, however a Satoshi on btc is worth considerably more than a Satoshi on bch.

  4. Love it Roger you seem even more inbolden in your message, love it more bit by bit. Keep kick butt. BitcoinJerry.

  5. Roger is a fucking machine. If 1% of the population had 1% of his enthusiasm, dedication and drive the level of increased prosperity on this planet would be unrecognizable compared to the status quo.

  6. Yeah but I can buy a beer or coffee with the different colored pieces of paper. Good luck with your crypto.

  7. Bitcoin Debate: Roger Shuts Down Blockstream supporter in Korea | Roger Ver Vlog 4 Giveaway awsome for free eth: : bit. ly/2J2f5kc <<< [copy/paste in browser and remove space !]

  8. Do we think that poor Blockstream fanboy had a little cry into his pillow later that evening?

    Roger, you wiped the floor with him. But I would say at least he did better than the Blocksteam CSO Samson Mow. Which of course, isn't saying much.

    How long before Blockstream fans are too scared to debate Roger?

  9. People should not debate Roger, although I would.. Haha Don't debate Btc vs Bch, Debate all of crypto itself.

  10. So this guy Roger Ver bought a website and says Bitcoin core are really no good which means the developers and programmers are no good and their creation which they've worked on for 10 years – Bitcoin BTC is no good.

    Any business minded rich fucking idiot can buy a website domain and use it for nefarious purposes – in this case to promote his shitcoin, Bitcoin_cash – BCH…………………. Like bitcoin_diamond, bitcoin_ruby and so on..bitcoin_fiat.

    The true bitcoin website is is a phishing scam.

  11. Greek banking crisis 2015, Cyprus Government Bank Fiat confiscation 2013, USA/UK/EU banking crises 2008, USA Gold confiscation 1933 – These are events that 'traders' sometimes forget.
    Best to diversify away from government and fractional reserve banking system into decentralised crypto such as 'Bitcoin' to spread risk as well as secure your assets! –

  12. This edit is such a propaganda, f ing Ver can only argue with a student who's first language is not even english to make him and your bcash look good.. you guys are such an embarrassment and BTW Check your facts on transactions fees on the mempool Ver just lied straight into the camera

  13. I gone vomiting when I hear you saying bitcoin core, wtf! I agree that bitcoin Cash is more useful than Bitcoin. But stop confusing people by saying Bitcoin Core to bitcoin, bitcoin is F…..
    bitcoin like bitcoin Cash is bitcoin Cash and not something else.

  14. 3:32 Well that is the point isn't it, phones get stolen all the time. You don't need hackers for that only a rusty switchblade.

  15. Why the guy thought that Bitcoin Cash fees are higher than Bitcoin Core, in Satoshis? Is he really that dumb or just a troll?

  16. Weg bank by litecoin is a great step in crypto community.. And there are also projects look at vertcoin, lisk, ark which are good.
    But Roger ver is a pile of shit and jackass all he does is yelling and disgracing bitcoin which got him rich.. This guy is a snake no matter how much you feed him he will bite you.. Now he's supporting bcash later he will support something else which can make him more richer lol people who buy his dreams are more advance level jackass

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