Bitcoin Deflation Fears, EOS and the New Decentralized World w/ Jeff Berwick and Luke Rudkowski

Jeff Berwick and Luke Rudkowski give a Q&A discussion at the Pillar Unconference in Lithuania. Topics include: the power of decentralization, state indoctrination, cryptocurrencies for a peaceful world, the scam of the current financial system, sound money, the evils and dangers of Amazon, YouTube demonetization and censorship, privacy vs government, KYC regulations and transaction tracking, Venezuela, deflation and crypto, private services, Liberland, unschooling, living your passion.

Original interview from Pillar Unconference:

Pillar Unconference:

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Anarchapulco February 14-17, 2019, Acapulco, Mexico
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Written by frances

Lawyer, Believer, Idea Agent, Database Wrangler, Human Casserole. I want to see your peacock.


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  1. So people buy houses because they need a place to live.That is really the best reason to buy a house.

  2. May you both continue to be blessed , protected and guided to continue to do your awesome life changing work. god bless you xxx

  3. Guys, there is someone with username The Dollar Vigilante who is asking you to send them ethereum. THIS IS NOT US. We will tell you explicitly, usually in the video, if there is something we like. Be careful with fraudsters.

  4. "why would you buy a house?" … really ? lol … oh i dont know what do you usually use a house for ^_^ lololol

  5. 26:50
    Yes, a dude called John wrote about this some 2000 years ago. It will happen that way. Not for eternity though, as you suggest.
    But who knows, maybe there will be a huge spark of freedom through cryptos before that for a few years.

  6. Those that are able to see
    beyond the shadows and lies
    of their culture will never be
    understood let alone believed
    by the masses.

  7. Luke Rudowski is an asshole mystic who just fucking fears "The Beast" what a fucktard, trying to scare Christians, fuck him for his fear of nano tech and AI, fuck that shit man, dont be irrationally afraid of fucking technology FUCK you Luke rudowski YOU become successful YOU get to make money off YOUR generations technology but you tell US to fucking NOT use Nano tech to SAVE LIVES and fuckinG FLY? FUCK you and your RETARDED FAKE christian FEAR frquency! FUCK YOU luke i hshould go flag all your steem posts OH BUT YOU DONT USE steem your a FAKE your a POSER whose ONLY known for spreading 9/11 bullshit, u dont even KNOW what happened on 9/11 u think u know the story, but YOU donteven know the REAL story. Im tired of luke and his pissed off shit where hes always MAD at "the government" get over it assholes and get back to work, sytop spreading FUD. Amazon is fine, leave amazon alone its a fucking company sure they get tax credits you would too ist a company they make money dude just fucking cpompete with amazon dont tell peopel to boycott it asshole

  8. Jeffie turdstick is queer in the head and even more queer in the bedroom, if you like that type of thing!

  9. Bitcoin Private. Decentralized, 8x faster than Bitcoin, SMS Transaction, ZK-Snarks Privacy, 21 million supply.

  10. Inflation / deflation

    People forget how cheap a bitcoin really is.
    Bitcoin is made up,
    100,000,000 Satoshi = 1.00000000 ฿.
    Inflation / deflation has been built into chain.

    Who knows who will hold the future reserve currency?
    But 1 Satoshi; will be a singular traded mean of exchange

  11. Deflation is when prices go down! We had that in the computer industry. Did the world blow up? No! Everyone bought a new computer. Deflation or prices going down, is good! Jeff Berwick must have been absent that day, when they were talking about the fall in prices in computers over several decades, because he says we have never had deflation!

  12. Un-edducation! How much I have been like Jeff Berwick- minus the cajones to say what I also Know, and to have discovered Un schooling, without the fear I've never fully shaken! Never Been Wealthy(surprise! ), I was glad to not be held down with Religion, but the indoctrination camps finally got me. I now lie in this hospital bed, to undo the damage inflicted by wicked, evil AMA agents of the banksters. I've been fighting the good fight, but through the wrong "channels", unable to fix the system" while being in it. I Will heal, and the solution will come somewhere between Cryptos and the Restoration of the Constitutional Republic, as suggests, acting locally, while thinking Globally. See you there, at the helm, leading, but only by example. Prosperity for all of Humanity, We shall see.

  13. EOS is a centralised pedocoin…!! But for the rest you guys are cool 😎😎😂. Brock Pierce ( convicted pedophile ) & block one is cabal mafia.. tether, bitfinex is cabal !!! Check road to roota channel for proof!!! Do your homework Jeff😎😎

  14. once BTC reaches market saturation the deflation rate can be lower. Such an environment can encourage you to invest in assets that produce more then the deflation rate. This ensures that people only in vest in things that are productive enough to out pace deflation. This market force can allocate resources in the areas where it is most warranted and prevent malinvestment in unproductive ventures.

  15. Homeschooling took quantum leap with Kahn Academy on YouTube. Thousands of short videos, about 15 minutes or less, on specific subjects.

  16. hey jeff, big fan. please take a look at hexxcoin and upcoming fork, these devs are great team and great , honest guys..maybe mention their project hxx please:)

  17. We hope you enjoyed Jeff and Luke's talk from the Pillar Unconference. You can find the full talk and Q&A plus others highlights from the week on blockchain and government, identity, regulation, and more on the Pillar channel. See you there!

  18. Lol…you shill steam and bch last year….this year you shill eos …you shameless pig….they pay you money for shilling like 95% of crypto channels and retards are watching your shit …lol

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  20. I don't think you can convince people to avoid using Amazon just like you're telling people not to use M$.
    Are there better alternatives?

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