Bitcoin, Ethereum, Donald Trump: are blockchains MAGA friendly?

Would Donald Trump like the blockchain?

What do you think?

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Written by frances

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  1. Jamed Corbett has something to say about JFK files that make you look like… Not good. Listen to the new world next week and other of this week publication.

  2. DAVID. Be careful recommending just the original BITCOIN. Believe it or not all the $$$ in Bitcoin could easily leave it and head into Bitcoin CASH. Bitcoin Cash is the vision of satoshi, not the current Bitcoin. In addition, Bitcoin has 4 forks and 1 of them will be the winner. If you buy bitcoin you should buy equal portions of all 4 because nobody knows the winner. Currently buying a cup of coffee with bitcoin would be a 15 min process which is why bitcoin cash seems more likely the winner.

  3. ((( David Seaman ))) ……………………………………………………..CODE = FULCRUM ……………………………………………………………..TRIANGLE / PYRAMID ……..Submit to "digital currency"

  4. I sold all my etherium and bought bitcoin
    The world is too dumb to appreciate ETH at the moment.
    So I own 1 bitcoin and 2 Eth
    I figured if I didn't seal the 1 BTC now I'd never be able to catch up
    I had 20 Eth hoping
    But nope
    Stuck at 300 like always

  5. sooo fukn tired of utube screwing my sub and view count. is this america? plsease lay into these satanic power hungry google ceo's

  6. btc will have 4 forks for a total of 85 million coins outstanding. It looks like a fiat fraud every day now vs more conservative and real investments like ltc and eth. LTC itself was the original borrowed fork of BTC and is highly undervalued. So in essence btc has diluted itself to oblivion

  7. Direct Current is FREE: it can be drawn from the atmosphere. It's how they brought down the WTC . . .  There's no money in something that is free. How do you patent a skyscraper?This is why they switched to AC

  8. Both of David's most recent live streams from today have been taken down along with the live stream he just started 5 minutes ago, G OOG LE

  9. You were wrong about Ether. The graphs dont lie. Ethereum is shit for long term holding. Look how much progress (or lack of progress) Ether has had compared to bitcoin over the last 6 months. Sounds good on paper but the market doesnt lie. Bitcoin is the golden boy thats going to the moon, Ether is a waste of time

  10. my boyfriend is salty as fuck toward crypto, because he`s been trying to get a decent deal on a good videocard for a while now and everything is always out of stock. i keep saying how i`m gonna buy some ether… but… he`s sooooo salty about videocards. LOL

  11. Don't believe the hype! It's a globalist setup. See for yourself:

    The next thing you know, we'll have a chip in our arm loaded with bitcoin to swipe at the store, and once you accept the chip, you are under total control! Be careful with bitcoin! The globalists want a cash-less society. Virtual currency is a farse and a setup by the elites to control the masses. Get rich quick scheme hype. Beware!

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