Bitcoin & Ethereum Price before the forks. ETCH ICO

remember i am not a financial advisor. this is my journey of cryptos, providing you charts analysis, probabilities, my picks, ico talk, news and more

bitcoin ethereum litecoin neo cash crash crypto currency Etch October Top ICO

we are looking for prices to go higher with the upcoming hard forks coming. I have been staking my bitcoins and ethereum since the beginning of the month. October is going to be a month with tons of new investors.

bitconnect still is paying out interest daily even when Bitcoin goes down.
here is my referral link

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  1. Thanks for the update buddy!  Appreciate your time and efforts!  Looking forward to seeing how Etch performs and your future content…Peace!

  2. Austin. Please do an EtherDelta how to video. What’s on YouTube isn’t really that good. Also they require your private keys I believe. Is that safe? I appreciate all the ICO videos you work on for us.

  3. Hey Austin, what happens if they don't reach their desired goal of 250,000 Ethereum? When do you think their token will be available for trade in EtherDelta?

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