Bitcoin Gears Up For Action! Galaxy Index Fund, Global Crypto, Investing In The Growth – Ep197

Bitcoin seems to be getting ready for another big move as we’re seeing new players entering the space and “big money” starting to find ways to monetize the crypto revolution.


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Written by frances

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  1. Dude. Zil is a great project, people saw it as a coin around 80—100 and knew its real place is top 20 like icx. Fundaments, man.

  2. Love the channel but the "wait and see" stuff can be somewhat of a detriment. Carter has been saying "wait" since we were at 7k

  3. What are you talking about???Index funds do infact directly own the underlaying asset listed on the fund!!!not future contract or the likes.

  4. Zilliqa is a very solid project, bunch of smart people, good tech and real partnerships. They were also exchanging knowledge and experiences with Vitalik about scalability. These guys know what they are doing. Steady increase of valuation no pump and dump scheme.

  5. Here's a tangential question, why is it Coin Mastery "TV"? It's the "TV" part I don't understand. YouTube isn't TV. I mean, you can watch it on a TV, but it's not broadcast over the airwaves… I would think that simply "Coin Mastery" is good enough and has a nice ring to it. The "TV" at the end is more confusing than anything.

  6. I watch every single youtuber: Crypt0snews, Node Investor, Suppoman, Cryptolark, Ian Balina, Nuggetsnews, Cryptobud and Cryptozombie but you are truly the most unique and best within the cryptospace. Keep up the great work man. No one adds the value you do.

  7. I disagree on your comment on the idea of tokenizing Facebook not helping anyone. One of the major concepts of value that crypto strengthens, is fractionalization. Facebook's stock closed at $182.66 today…. if they tokenized and made their tokens as divisible as the rest of crypto, that would help people that can't afford a $182.66 stock to easily buy in.

  8. Carter – I'm blown away by your insights into the space. – would love to know which people with the power to influence are now listening to every word you say

  9. Don't miss out on Internet node token. Mainnet launching in May and they will be listed on a new exchange for US investors.

  10. Carter, we need to talk about your confusion about the day of the week.

    The gang and I feel you've been spending too much time in BananaTown and it's affecting your health and focus.

    This is an intervention.

  11. I havent commented much lately but still here and still watching. I literally tell people about your channel all the time if they want to watch something worth watching in the crypto space. There are a lot of cool channels and many that do offer value, your content is great though. Deffo up there with the best of em. Many thanks as always and keep up the good work mate.

  12. facecoin.

    How many of you here cringe at the thought? [everybody raises hands]. Now how many of you will buy it anyway because the network effects will make it go parabolic straight up? [everybody raises hands]

  13. To your question: Absolutely – 100% – YES. The revolution is about personal freedom, autonomy and power. Great wealth is only one factor. The only reason for making great wealth is to gain personal power and autonomy. Basic democratic economic freedom is even more important than wealth, and is fundamental to building wealth. With enough basic democratic economic freedom, we can all be fully financially empowered and secure.

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