Bitcoin Heading back up to 20k?! | CNBC Fast Money

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Cryptocurrency 24 hours 24/7 news
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  1. If Fiat is the Bubble then most people are looking at Bitcoin charts upside down… This is why most indicators in Crypto work backwards

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  4. bitcoin will rise up back to USD 30,000 before 31/12/2018

    today 19/4/2018
    USD 8,200

    USD 1,000

    USD 19,000 only the higher record 2017.

    the buy buy not botcoin
    the Best Buy and hold. is
    ripple seller neo tron oes iota

    your dream lambo wait you

    good luck

  5. when you buy ripple today

    don't care gorverment regulation

    don't care someone try to dispear digital money

    just look positive in future

    go for long term

    support digital money mean support your self in future

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  9. If a hedge fund is telling you something will go up it's because they are betting against you. Bull run will continue.

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