Bitcoin In Early Days But It Will Be A Game Changer: CEO Brian Kelly | CNBC

Brian Kelly, BKCM CEO, and Matt Smith, ClipperData director of commodity research, provide their outlook on cryptocurrencies and oil prices.
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Bitcoin In Early Days But It Will Be A Game Changer: CEO Brian Kelly | CNBC

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  1. This is a better investment than Google. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, watch this. As far as I’m concerned, this is THE fastest path to wealth. And the doors have just opened up for 25 new people. But last I heard, there were only 6 spots left. So I wanted you to be the first person I told. LET OUR TEAM SHOW YOU HOW TO MAKE OVER $13,000 IN 24-HOURS LIVE GO GO GO

  2. Bitcoin is a new revolution against corruption …. Bitcoin is a fighter .. fiat currency has most of th corruption… support Bitcoin

  3. – The west-coast liberal type seems to be the most supportive of bitcoin…. but this is another example why liberals are full of self-conflicts.

    – They cannot succeed in the real economy, so they want something 'decentralized' outside of the fiats. yet 4% of the bitcoin addresses own more than 90% of the coins. talk about hypocracy.

    – the liberals on paper want 'equality'… yet who gives the whales the rights to make coins for pennies per, while today people need to spend $10000 in electricity to get 1 coin? you want to talk about equality? Hypocracy in the highest order.

    – the bitcoin people also don't 'trust the government'… ok fine.. governments can be, and most are, corrupt…. but at least we know who they are…. bitcoin people want to put their trust in Satoshi… an anonymous faceless party.

    – the bitcoin people tout that the 21 million coin limit is the best thing because the govs print fiat out of control.. this is true in some sense… but a 21 million limit, if bitcoin does become a world currency', spells disaster.. a deflationary currency means people will just hoard, all investment activities will die. all commerce will die.

    – The crypto technology is fine… actually if all the world assets in all the fiats are replaced with a global crypto that represents all global account holders at a certain point of time, that will be fine…. let's say if on 1/1/2019, the entire world networth is $1000 trillion, then that's fine to replace it with cryptos, without disturbing the current wealth distribution and economic activities…. and this can be implemented simply by issuing tokens in proportion to the fiat ownership across the world, without the stupid 'proof of work' that is totally unnecessary and waste of resources.

    – the current price action is just a short squeeze…. these coins have no future… even for drug dealers, gold and paper cash is much better…. bitcoins are NOT anonymous… it leaves a trace… once the governments step in, all the drug transactions are permanently written in the blocks…. that's a big bummer for drug dealers.

  4. Actually, theyre right that "crypto" will dominate in the future, but every so called expert is dead wrong that it will be Bitcoin. In the next five years BTC will only be the 3rd or 4th largest crypto, if that

  5. A Cryptocurrency that has its value pack with USD$ will be used by the community as an alternative to USD$ accepting it as money legal tender to purchase anything in the stores and everywhere everyday.. zero manipulation!
    Its good that now we dont need the banks and government to control our money. Bitcoin is borderless money, no country or banks have right over the money, its belong to the community, transacted peers to peers, for the world population of all nationality, rich or poor. People have control over their own Bitcoin ledger. No need to seek permission from govt or banks to transfer our own Bitcoin from one continent to another. Money in the banks belong to us but we faced lots of problem when we request to transfer fund or withdrawing cash. We dont pay any fees when we transfer Bitcoin. Now i can buy anything paying with Bitcoin just with my mobile phone anywhere in the world without going through third parties who charges high fees or restriction from the so call capitalist, government and banks. To yield the Bitcoins by mining, peoplw have to bevome miners, just similar to those people who mine precious metals and minerals like gold, silver, copper etc where fiat monies are created by governments. Mining Bitcoin is not free, just like mining raw materials and precioys metals, people have to spend huge amount of money, consume time and face risk to create the mining rigs in order to yield Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the money of today, the future and forever. Those who start collecting, saving and using Bitcoin now will gain, as in near future, Bitcoin will be scarce and the price will be extremely high. Govt should consider creating their own cryptocurrency in order to be part of the cryptocurrency community and not blatantly penalise them. Cryptocurrency, esp Bitcoin is really really awesome. Thanks to those people who have the brains to create this Cryptocurrency and also the brilliant governments and establishments who supported them.

  6. Bitcoin is 9 YEARS OLD!! It is not in its early days. That is a lie. Bitcoin has not been taken up by the wider world. Stop the lies!

  7. Illustrator which was acquired by adobe began in 1988. I think Bitcoin is much bigger but that is an example of a software that has evolved over 30 years.

  8. Hey if you think you are late for buy bitcoin take a look at Vertcoin, Navcoin or NANO. You are welcome.

  9. I bought $300 worth of bitcoin few years ago..and now the value is $200K .. THANKS FOR PEOPLE CREATING BITCOIN.

  10. What is he talking about? There was no internet in the 80s .. at least not in the way these people understand it now. We had the ARPANET, BITNET, and other IP based networks, but it was all Telnet, FTP, and USENET back then, and GOPHER was the closest thing to Google we had. And hardly anyone had access to it anyway.

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