BITCOIN IS BULLISH! All funds are SAFU | Vitalik Buterin Clapping | Bitcoin ETF news

SO todays guys i just have a laugh, not going to lie i had fun making this one, stay till at least the middle bit, there is a surprise in there for you. i really have no idea what this video is about but it is entertaining so enjoy, in it i talk about all fundsa re SAFU, CZ binance, changpeng zhao, Vitalik Buterin, Cryptonews, Rheas, god knows what else, literally god, i dont believe in the bloke though.

“Everyone is freaking out about the latest price movement in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general. You all need to take a deep breath and settle down.” – Doug Polk 2018

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crypto news
crypto news
crypto news
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Written by frances

Lawyer, Believer, Idea Agent, Database Wrangler, Human Casserole. I want to see your peacock.


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  1. First to say first!
    What did the librarian say to the stupid boy?
    What did the boy say to librarian with a low cut top?

  2. Do something you enjoy because nothing is given to you. Also cool vid, bitcoin seems cool but my problem is what the currency is used for lol. Im not being apart of it but i love your vids man. (Remember Bitcoin is untraceable currency.)

  3. That cartoon crypto guy reminds me of genial YouTube legend Salad Fingers, which is definitely a good thing!

  4. Another great vid BUT Having seen a film called Something About Mary , The " Bead" of sweat from you timed with going off screen to " Hide" the Raptor is a little pervy . And did that guy really say £30 a day on hair gel , I don't think Kajagoogoo was on that much

  5. good content, ruined by an ad every 2:30 seconds…., and no an ad blocker wont stop it from happening. and def no way im paying fucking youtube to be ad free…

  6. know nothing about bitcoin/ kinda don't like it due to it ruining prices in the pc market, yet still love your great content

  7. I don't know shit about Bitcoin but I do got cash… 68euro and I'm gonna waist it on eating lunch this week while my wife thinks I'm eating sandwiches!! 😊
    Great vid.

  8. I dont know what this video was but I dig it! I am selling my challenger but I live in podunk USA haha. I love your edits btw. Do you have a folder of crypto meme videos? You always pull up funny crypto clips from the past. You inspire me to make better videos, I love your edits so much. You need more followers, when crypto spikes again I'm sure you will be flooded with new followers… what was I commenting on again? Lol… peace!

  9. Martini guy. Pleas show me how these Bitcoins or other crypto currencies work with proof. Put say £1000 in and say a year later get the original £1000 back with some interest. Do that for me and I will personally give you £20k in cash and split the profits after a year with you. Deal?

  10. Found your channel from those exposed videos you made, I couldn't care less about bitcoin but I still watch these videos because your content is just bang on

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