Bitcoin news next ATH $6000 coming and why countries starting to adapt

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Written by frances

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  1. The USA burned alive hundreds of thousands of men women and children in Japan…TWICE! How dare we tell anyone that WE are the only ones responsible enough to have nukes.

    Putin rocks. I watched a lot of his internal meetings and speeches not aired on US networks and he really wants to be an ALLY of the USA. He was wondering why Obama kept trying to pick fights with him. He said if the USA and Russia are allies, the world will be a much more stable place because the two powers would act like stabilizers similar to how the north and south poles stabilize the planet. I was impressed. Love that guy. Oh and he also will not bend over for the UN, he looks after his people first, unlike the USA which is OWNED by the UN.

  2. Thx Ozzy… you're right I've been watching a lot of Forex platforms now add trading BTC, LTC even Manero. Watch out guys, the big boys coming to town – eeeek not sure how I feel about it. Appreciate your thoughts!

  3. People get paid on a Friday , So they place a lot of their bill payments on Payday, so that is why there is always drops on Friday.

  4. the reason people shouldn't want every country to have nukes is that its only a matter of time before someone uses one and the more countries that have them the higher the chance of that happening, and once one goes off more will go off, have fun living in the fall out universe

  5. Bitcoin can change the world ! Any country that possess nuclear weapons is a terrorist to the planet and its people

  6. Any thoughts on Salt Lending? I don´t understand the concept behind the token, it would be nice if you can explain it….

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