Bitcoin news update and why do people see 2 different TRUTHS

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Written by frances

Lawyer, Believer, Idea Agent, Database Wrangler, Human Casserole. I want to see your peacock.


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  1. I understand this is your channel and you can talk about whatever you want. But imo you should stick with bitcoin talk for this channel and create another channel for other topics.

  2. Lol, Ozzie great rant. I was mostly in High School when Bush was president. I remember people saying all the same shit about Bush that they now say about Trump. The one thing I always thought was hypocritical was the Anti War protests all the Liberals to have. Never once when Barrack Drone Bomber was in Libya or giving weapons to Suadi Arabia for crimes against humanity in Yemen. Plus half a dozen other things. Freaking Crickets. That's why I can't stand the Liberal is because they are hypocrites.

  3. Two points…. 1) A President is like a Drill Sargent… You salute the rank, not the Man.
    You don't have to like him.. just respect the position. Right?

    2) You say you don't pump… but then you say “sell all your alts and buy Bitcoin”.
    I remember when America used to embrace competition. Now you guys now seem to love monopolies, Amazon have the monopoly on hardware wallets… You want Bitcoin to have the monopoly on money too? One currency to rule them all? BitcoinGold fork is this Wednesday. The exchanges will probably freeze all bitcoin deposits and withdrawals until we know it all went OK.. so use Bitcoin at your own risk on and shortly after block 487427. (I'm glad I have a spread of alts in case I need to pay for something around then)

    We need the Altcoins as much as we need Bitcoin… Do you really want the world to have only one currency? A single point of failure? Would you go into battle with only one side arm? We do need bitcoin for it's security… we also need Litecoin for when paying fast really matters. We need Monero for when we need to pay in private. We need Ethereum so we can move money around with smart contracts as well as pay for stuff hundreds of years after we die so we still have influence.

    Let me ask you Ozzy? Do you think you would have had your bank accounts frozen if you had converted all your Bitcoin into Ripple and then cashed out? The bank manager would have probably given you a cigar and said “please call again”. After all, Banks love Ripple and that's what it's for… cashing out of crypto.

  4. My people love contentious debate. We can meet at a pub, smoke, drink, shout at eachother and go home. But guess what? The next day we'll meet and do it all over again. It's how we roll. Life is more than kittens and recipes and we have serious fuckin problems that need to be aired out. Avoiding and censoring, being overly sensitive and ignoring facts, none of these things will feed the bulldog. I say keep it going Ozzy.

  5. Antifa in the USA are pussies compared to antifa in Europe, then again antifa in Europe goes back a lot further, think of leftwing terrorist groups like raf. Antifa is the new fascism

  6. am scot irish and was an inner city kid and many of the kids at that time were so off the boat they could not speak english… one year later we were all on the same sports teams and we could all speak english. I am to this day still impressed with all my childhood friends who overcame the discriminations they endured and succeeded in life. Our yearly grade school reunions are the greatest.


  7. I completely agree with you. How are there 2 outtakes of a single article? I can't wait to see what your daughters view of America is. There is an entire generation now that just doesn't get it and I hope that has now changed. When I was in school the turn had started my American History class turned into African American History and the entire class had trouble with standardized testing. I am not bashing African American History, it is an important part of the puzzle but with no back story at 13-14 years old it is hard to form your own educated view of what we stand for as a country. Luckily the state saw that and gave us all another chance with a new teacher. Education is the KEY to a coexistent society.

  8. With it understood. I think how to sell Bitcoin Gold before Fork 25 oct. Today i test and claim my 3,2 BTG.
    Who knows as them to transfer to the exchange and to sell?

  9. You're the man Ozzy but do yourself a favor bro and leave then ebbs and flows of politics to those who obviously have a lot of time on their hands as we're here to dominate in cryptos as that's how we'll(hopefully) EARN for ourselves and our family's an OPTION, is that simple…let's focus bro!

  10. The solution is strangely simple. The primaries are where it really counts. We all have to vote in the primaries. And before we vote look at each candidate and see where they are getting their funding from and who they are smooshing with. If you can find a candidate that doesn’t take big corporate money that’s the one you vote for. It’s really that simple.

  11. whites are the only race that is discriminated against these days. Anti white racism is promoted world wide now. ONLY whites were ever told by a president and 2 presidential candidates that their lives don't matter.

  12. What people don't realize if you go against the president, it makes our nation look weak in the eyes of our enemies. Think about it….. I may not be a trump fan, but I know other candidates are horrible picks as well. If only they were better candidates….but people are mentally asleep.

  13. Sorry to hear about your dear mom being shot… I hope she recovered and is well today after something so terrible. PS. I think a lot of the Democrats being against Trump, comes from their masters, the deep state & power structure wanting this. This point is illustrated by the entertainment community being against him as well. Simply put he is not an obedient puppet, therefore they must demonise him in any way possible. Just so you know, the money behind antifa & the race riots are the elite. The reason they do this, is because if there is civil war and chaos, it gives them the excuse they want, to impose martial law and have a tighter gripe. Think George Orwell's 1984 novel. However, your right, bitcoin, trezor, crypto's are our best solution. Whatever you do, do not get emotional and be too impulsive, they are counting on you then making mistakes, so they can then capitalise on this. Always take it easy, and have faith in the crypto's.. they will do all the hard work for us. you know why, because we are starting to divide and conquer them…. because they are currently freaking out, they can not handle the crypto's taking out the central bankers and their manipulated fiat currency system !!! PS. Dragon-chain might work out, because it is for gambling in Macau in China. They have bigger gambling revenues than Vegas, but if I did buy in to this… I would wait to see it hit the exchanges first… because I have lost all faith in ICO's.

  14. just curious??
    Antiono is giving away 100k 10k to 10 subs ..all his commissions, and YOU'RE giving away 1 FREE LITECOIN? Seriously???? OMG……! What's wrong with you PEEPLE? I'm going back over to Antonios site……..!

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