Bitcoin news update regal coin scammed me heart derose filtration

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Written by frances

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  1. Is their site working, I cant click on anything? Anyway, I still didn't get any ref commissions from RC.

    We need governments to step in and regulate crypto space, too many people are getting swindled by ICOs. Regulation is the key and then and only then crypto will go mainstream.

  2. When looking for a coin to invest in… for me they MUST HAVE the following…

    1. A proven PoW algorithm that has resilience to current level of development in quantum computing. (PoS coins are vulnerable as they are not currently decentralized… Coins like IOTA use a Central Node to sync to and could be a single point of failure).
    2. Evidence they are trading on more than ONE exchange.
    3. Access to look at the source code and check there is activity on their Github. (you can always ask someone to look over the code once you have it.)
    4. People behind them that have cryptographic experience, reputation or formal qualification. (i.e. are they known to the crypo-community or have had formal academic qualification in cryptography from an international recognized education establishment.)
    5. The ability to hold the coin/token in a wallet of your choosing and have control of the private key or backup seed. And have the ability to run a wallet without submitting an email address.

    Hope this helps. We all chose our own level of risk.
    Much of the tech is unproven. It's fine to speculate. But.. never invest what you are not willing to lose, and don't expect every outsider to come up trumps.

  3. I bought regalcoin 920 at $0.97 and got it and waiting to sell it at $50. I am angry you got fked. Do you have the transaction for the purchased coins? I had the same problem in the first purchase and kept on spamming them and got it.

  4. Hope you eventually get your money back the site does look a bit rusty mostbrobaly put together by a small group of people who who dident realize how big it wood get.

  5. Hi Ozzy,
    in regards to your 6k by end of year price prediciton, I think 8-10k is definitely possible.

    I say 10k by Jan to April. I lean more towards Jan. The reasoning is based off a few factors that I believe will make an 8-10k highly probably.
    The first are the 2 upcoming hard forks/BTC dividends, that will be sold and use the money to buy BTC.
    BCH helped BTC pump to 5k
    The second reason. The China Fud is already over, with a little bit of S. Korea Fud and we are almost at a $4500 BTC and going strong!
    The third reason, the BCH fork was such a joke, and continues to be a massive laughing stock of the community, really kills any good perception around 2X. Support is already dying, and there really isn't anything good being said about 2X. I think that the 2X people who want to fork now are most likely for BTC dividends, not to actually fork. So there will be another massive sell off of 2X.
    The fourth reason, I believe that people will want to hold on to BTC leading up to the forks, so they can get their dividends and watch their holdings of BTC blow up. Therefore, the price will be increasing leading up to the forks.
    The fifth, which the thought just popped into my head, September, the notoriously bad month is over!

    Now reasons why it may be around 6-8K, is due to BTC being on a 1-4 week price correction.
    Also, the possibility of random FUD that gives BTC price a 2-3 week beating like China FUD.
    A second reason is that the China Exchanges being shut down, I am not sure if there are 2 being able to operate until the end of October? If so then this wouldn't apply. That the drop in on exchange trading could reduce the price due to a shift in demand.
    There is US regulation happenings, but I do not see that as a negative and they haven't outright banned BTC or ICOs, which to me it seems like they are actually just looking to regulate, rather than to a ban.

    Regardless, I see holding onto BTC will make you more than the price of BTC going to 7,8, 9, or 10K, because if you immediately sell your BTC dividends and buy BTC you will own more, therefore the rise in price will produce more profits.

    So Ozzy and whoever reads this, let me know what you think in regards to my thoughts on BTC price predictions. Regardless, I am very bullish on BTC until the new year and we will see where things are at at that time.

    And thanks for producing content Ozzy, I enjoy the channel!


  6. i got 600 in Bitconnect not sure about the Regal Coin yet. Thanks for the video Yo. 🙂 Death to all the Pedofiles..GTFO.

  7. Can you please let us know how you go about researching all the cryptocurrency that you want to speculate on or are interested in so we can make our own plans in place to put our money in or not. With much respect thank you.

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