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Written by frances

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  1. I gotta agree Ozzie on the Technical Analysis. I've seen countless people try to tell me well I've worked as a Broker or on Wall Street, etc. I was there during the 90s tech bubble, etc. They all try to tell me they can spot what is going to happen with Cryptos. Honestly smart people but they got Egos and they have all been horribly wrong. I will be the first to admit I don't know how to value Cryptos other than networking effect. These aren't stocks you can't look at earnings or P.E. Ratio's etc. Its a completely different beast. If there is no bad news with regards to exchange hacks or nonsense about another Hard Fork then sky is the limit in the short term.

  2. Last Comment Ozzie, about the Bitcoin Shyster. I saw a joke on another channel. It said "Web Bot predicts Adam Meister comes out of the Closet August 25th." I had to laugh, I think that does explain a lot.

  3. Ozzy, i love Litecoin too and it has been very stable against the dollar. That's cool, stable is fine. It's only going down against bitcoin… but everything is going down against bitcoin…. even gold. Litecoin will have it's day. I would sell my LTC into Bitcoin but then i may miss the turn around if it happens when i'm sleeping. I could leave a heap of BTC on an exchange with a buy order for LTC but what if the exchange gets hacked?…. So after a long think…. I'm going to hold my LTC and keep my private keys safe…. The rise of Litecoin will happen, mark my words.

  4. MIOTA is demonic, holy crap it's logo too count the dots = freakin 666 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
     The internet of things will be the end and thats what MIOTA stands for and is all about connecting evil resorses !!!!
    These entrepreneur developers are clever enough to see this cripto space is where they can fast track the beast system that will enslave humanity by hooking us in to their evil agendas of so called smart grid BS, and at the same time steal our wealth. Please consider carefully to boycott these evil coins even though they will be popular and skyrocket, due to corporate big business agendas. Cripto-space is a playground for the devil right now, don't be fooled make sure the coins you vote with your $ to support serve good agendas to free humanity ! I had Golem and sold it out for stratis as it is IMHO not a trustable platform, the name Golem means demon too !! I bet there's loads of these evil coins

  5. QUESTION : hi if 1 wants to sell bitcoin from pre Aug 1st would you say there worth more due to relative b cash allocation ? ??✌️

  6. Comedian with the camera drop!! haha. I beg you release a t-shirt range with "Are you Blockchaining me Bro?" on them. Heck I will help you do the designs! haha

  7. Hi, i'm New to cryptocurrencies (started 2 days ago ) but i would like to invest starting with small amonth because… hummm…. i'm poor. LOL 
    Would you give me some tips for a beginner ? Thanks Man and enjoy that life.

    Bitcoin wallet :

  8. I love how you keep it real bro! Ive made a few major crypto mistakes along the way but have picked up and started again. I wont back down <3

  9. I work at a car dealership owned by Russians one of their friends a little Ole Russian man who happens to be a billionaire walked in here about a month ago and said I should sell my Bitcoin because it is a Ponzi scheme my boss tells me so what are you going to do now smart ass that a billionaire told you to sell I said he is wrong don't expect the Billionaire's and market makers of the past to predict the future of Bitcoin because they do not have the tools to do so neither do any of us you either believe or you don't

  10. That is a badass idea create a hub where people can go and exchange Bitcoins with security guards bouncers armed guards that is bad ass

  11. If you could do a video on what your opinion of wagerr is it was a nice to you I participating and I paid $0.09 for my coins they haven't even made it to a real exchange they're trading on waves and dex and have not been dumped in this Bitcoin pump the slack is pretty popping to would appreciate a video this is a 200 million coin cap coin with Master node which is referred to as an oracle at 25k wagerr coins also become burned in the process of betting so decreasing Supply

  12. "Russia has 20 GB surplus of extra electricity, they don't know what to do with". WTF, does BS filter in your case mean you filter it out and serve it to us here?

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