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Written by frances

Lawyer, Believer, Idea Agent, Database Wrangler, Human Casserole. I want to see your peacock.


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  1. Currently UK gov have been very quiet on it all, they appear to be taking a "lens a fair" approach and not making any statements…. but then we don't have the reserve currency any longer… also we have a strong Pound movement, that's why we never adopted the Euro… I can see the UK Gov issuing a crypto-Pound before long pegged to Sterling.

  2. Zcash is an inflationary coin unlike Bitcoin that is deflationary. So the longer it is mined… the easier it is make more coins. When it was released it was very expensive because there was less than one Zcash. The more you mine it the easier it is to mine. Also, there is no limit to how many Zcash will ever be made. Moreover, Zcash is not a privacy coin… it has privacy features.

    It has two types of address… Private addresses and non private addresses. The exchanges and hardware wallets don't support the private addresses, only the software wallets. Also the private addresses use a lot of processing power. JP Morgan was also a massive investor in Zcash at the beginning. I have mined this coin in the past… i don't trust it and would not accept it as payment.

    You don't need to keep many privacy coins… just buy them when you need to transact privately… step in and out of them as you need them… They are not a store of value… they are a form of private transaction.

    I am happier to continue to invest in Litecoin and am still stacking them while they are still cheap. Litecoin has privacy on the way.

  3. +Ozzy The BS filter
    Great show Ozzy ….BUT …. When did Ed Snowden Run to Russia …..????? He was trapped in a Russian airport en-route to elsewhere when The good old USA canceled his passport ….. he could neither continue his travels or enter Russia, leaving him stranded for quite a long time ….. his only option was to request permission to enter Russia proper ….. Baring in mind that the good old USA, in flagrant breach of international law, forced equidor's presidential plane to the ground erroneously searching for snowden…..
    P.S. glad you changed the background …. 🙂

  4. Bitcoin will split again in November, this time hard fork is not Bitcoin Gold, it is Bitcoin Segwit2 hard fork. Last time you mentioned you transferred all your Bitcoin to your Segwit2 wallet. But if you keep it on your Segwit2 wallet, then you will have no chance to gain your amount of Bitcoin Gold and Bitcoin Segwit2 in November.

  5. regulation is not bad for ico's & besides with the vast increase of ICO's coming out and giving even negative returns, they will fade in interest anyway. However seeing crooks in handcuffs and frozen accounts is in our interests. If only they do the same to the top crooks (bankers) this would have a very positive effect for society.

    PS. Love your analogy of liking the IMF to a bitch who is a home wreaking whore… I think the book you are thinking of might be "confessions of a economic hit-man" (please read this if you can) this will give you a deep insight to how the U.S. dominates the world. First phase is to bribe foreign leaders to take out expensive loans from the U.S. for (Saudi Arabia, Japan,etc). If this fails, assassinate these leaders, if this fails then invasion.

    Regarding Snowden.. sure some see him as a traitor… but was he betraying the American people… or exposing vital truth. Remember this… they always use their trump card of saying it is a national security issue, such information being exposed. However, this is the best way to fool the people, and exploit them in my book. I would argue exposure of everything is a gamble worth taking, because the current status quo invariably leads to govt, military industrial complex, bankers exploiting us forever more. To have a deeper understanding of the devious bankers… "the creature from Jekyll island"..will give you a deep insight to the banking system.

    Anyway regarding privacy coins, I would spread the risk a little Ozzy, I am seriously looking at Verge, not just for its potential but even more private than Monero. However, I do believe that privacy coins will increase in number and value due to govt regulation on a global scale as time rolls on.

    Richard Heart like a lot of very intelligent people, are not the greatest with people from a social perspective.. however, the same people will not hold back with the truth, and often are very insightful. Ultimately… I find the more I am in the company of such people their intelligence challenges us in a good way. Like playing with a superior chess master, your skills increase as a consequence of being in their company.

    Ozzy… I always appreciate your videos… love to have a good chat one day, I am certain we would have a lot to talk about. Your spot on about the following quote… "Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes it's laws" — Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild. Keep the great video's coming Ozzy… you are always on fire mate !!!

  6. careful with what People say about the privacy coins, is it possible that Snowden just bought a lot of Zcash and wants to pump it, maybe??? Or is he being told to say this?? Snowden is in a lot of trouble.. period. maybe he is right but I don't trust what he says.

  7. Personally I'm tired of hearing about all the illegal fund raising called ICO's, if a company wants to be public just sell some stock of the company, its easy and just as good as printing money, personally I am looking into it myself, but an ICO is definetly illegal and is not a share of a company. If you want to create a currency, program it, mine it, distribute it and trade it. I hate ICO companies, and I hate etherium.

  8. You know what's really nuts Ozzy, Last night I was reading the Book Behold A Pale Horse, R.I.P Bill!! Anyway I started to think of an exact scenario that you just described, what if G-D forbid somthing really really major and horrible happened in the world and it was revealed that this horrific Thing that happened was paid for in BTC,or any crypto. I tried to go to sleep but couldn't shake this thought, and On My Child I watch this today and low and behold your kinda talking about this same Scenario,in the beginning of this video, Strange but 100% true, I've started thinking more on this and my view is that,well what off all the horrible bad things that have already happened in this world that were paid for in USD,GOLD whatever you see where I'm going. I just get in my head sometimes bro. But it's crazy that this was bugging me last night and today I see your video kind of speculating the same thing. I want this thing of ours to be what it's meant to be HOPE, CHANGE FOR THE GOOD OF US AS HUMAN BEINGS!! Peace bro glad ur back!!

  9. Yo Ozzie loving the shows my man!!! Do you think Jesus was an Anarchist? The Government Killed him because he spoke out against Organized Religion and the Government. Then also overthrew the Money Changers going against centralized Finance! Just curious your thoughts?? By all means not a "Religious" debate but more the mostly Christian Historical Records. After growing up non religious dating an uber Christian girl for several years then doing business with Egyptian Muslims and eventually ending up with a Egyptian Woman whose family was Coptic Christian. To me it makes my head spin and literally is like "arguing over who has the better imaginary friend". Would love to hear your perspective on those who claim Jesus was an Anarchist given your background. Thanks bro. Apologize if that seems loaded.

  10. I'm wondering if you can list all the coins you find to be bad for anyone to pay a lot into and thank you for responding so quickly to my last request.

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