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Written by frances

Lawyer, Believer, Idea Agent, Database Wrangler, Human Casserole. I want to see your peacock.


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  1. The first clue that jsnippey was a loser was that he listens to crazy cliff high. That was months ago. Anyone who takes cliff high seriously must high on drugs.

  2. Self Accountability. Lead his subscribers to the slaughter. They anonymous because cough cough secret societies upper echoleon. You growing the slowest growing because you are the realest Ozzy. Plus you deliver a high capacity of info. They want some instant gratification.

  3. Here are some conspiracy theories:
    Most of those HYIP programs are secretly controlled by BitConnect, then when those programs vanish, those funds are used to payout BitConnect investors.
    BitConnect can be a CIA test of some form of Basic Income.

  4. Ozzy you, me and everyone else here know why your channel is a slow grower…it’s because of exactly what you just talked about in this video. People are dumbed down and greedy. They are looking for the next coin, the next big hit, they want to hear pumps, they want validation for their decisions, they want to hear what to buy and have some sense of validation or “safety” that others are doing the same so it makes them feel better if it loses. In a word, it’s all bullshit. I like channels to learn and discuss possibilities, technology, economics, talk with like minded people. I don’t give a shit about the next hot ICO to hot potato or some dumbass ponzi/pyramid that’s clearly unsustainable. I like to invest in things that are solid, that have fundamentals and that will be around for a long time. I’ve asked questions in other groups like “when all the bitcoin has been mined will fees be enough to sustain miners?” The answers I get are: “who cares I won’t be around”, or “something else will take its place”, Or “ it my concern that far ahead, we’ll be dead”. That’s how people are thinking. I know I won’t be around then but that’s not the point, if we can foresee this thing being sustainable then I don’t want a part of it, because like you said, it’s more than just making money, it’s for our future, for our kids and their kids, it’s long term. I highly respect Trevon coming in your channel yesterday, but did you hear what he said when talking about his personal coin/ICO? “It’s crypto…the purpose of a coin is to go up.” Think about that? Really? Satoshi’s paper said nothing about “going up”, going up is a side effect to the utility and problem it solves. A peer to peer open digital distributed payment system that eliminates the need for a third party…solves some major problems! Major potential and utility! It’s not a tulip to toss around and make the next person buy at a higher price. But that’s what these people think it’s all about.

  5. This is admirable, but I'm responsible for what I do and any amount of money I put into this space is my responsibility. May not like it but I made the choice. I can't come to the youtubbers to reimburse me, that's ridiculous. I have to do my own due diligence.

  6. Lmao what a great show!! I read that about the FCC. That's why I'm buying outside the country… They can have this place!!

  7. You got to be dumb when you call the FBI when you have cryptos. The first thing they are gonna do is take your cryptos, put you in a box and throw away the keys.

  8. who ever's behind laser is not average eigther, high intent and influence on the overall design and intricacy of the website.
    fantastic inputs and saying/speaking for our crypto masses

  9. Oz you're beyond admirable – a true warrior in this crazy cryptospace! Appreciate your thoughts and insights always… so insightful and a man of his word. Your honesty is appreciated. Shukraan habibi

  10. Reading a few of the comments and well…. If you as a individual are going to listen to One persons advice and invest your hard-earned cash on it then you're the fool.. financial advisers exist for a reason because not everyone can make those decisions. (Just like you go to a doctor if you get sick) long and short do your own research and make the relevant decisions and take 100% responsibility for those decision. There is no Guru and if you looking to be led like sheep, then expect to be slaughtered…. Re jsnip4

  11. Ozzy,
    I watched many of your videos and I wanted to contact you. You mentioned your email address (video about the homeless shelter) but unable to make contact.

    I just started a youtube channel (Bitconnect is the subject matter). I got 100% ROI in 60 days… NO “Reinvest” ing the loan. NO referral. The first video shows what I did. The other videos show the step by step of my methodology. I would appreciate you watching my video #5, BCC5 from 45:30 to 11:00 and 22:10 to the end of this particular video. Please tell me what you think. I am not an active promotor  of “Bitconnect” or any platform. 

    I will await your response in the comments section on this video (yours) or in the comments section on my video #5.    Link to my video:

  12. USI TECH Coin, established, 1 year old HYIP is having 1B coins ICO.

    They are big in pozni biz, maybe 2nd biggest after Bitconnect

    How long can they last?

  13. You are 100% right, I sometimes feel that the influencers is held more responsible than the ponzi scheme to influence you to invest. But lesson learned from bitpetite, I like how you look at things and want to solve the things that going

  14. Jsnip4, just made a new video.. Bitching like a Bitch!! and he he is a scammer after all… He walk away with more the $50k…. More like $500k….. Just saying.

  15. Remember in one of your old videos you mentioned, Crypto disease and that is the dark side of crypto = greed , many shall fall in to , learn the hard way

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