Bitcoin on Rising Trend Line?! – CryptoCurrency on the Rise! – Crypto Market News

Bitcoin is on a rising trend line! CryptoCurrency is on the rise, watch the crypto market and news!
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  1. Well, the whales are definitely coming! After that, I suspect that… we'll need a bigger boat! 😀


  2. Im with you on the electric sides of things with mining Zach, but if the market picks back up i want to look into solar mining, my rig only uses around 600-700w with 4 1070ti gpu's & i've seen some 1000w & 1500w solar kits that aren't that expensive so it could be a good way to cut the costs & maximise the profits LNuoJSDjXgCT4Zt2d4HiQH6UC9ViCoGFyh

  3. Unlike stocks, mutual funds, commodities, and other speculative instruments, cryptocurrencies come with a built-in highly-reliable indicator as it relates to predictive analysis because their overall values are a product of network effect.

    Node count data can generally be found on a currency’s block explorer. You can find these numbers on CryptoID for example by selecting a currency and then navigating to its network tab.

    The reason this number is so important is because it provides a measurement of the number of people actually using a particular currency. And we know that the more people using a cryptocurrency, the more valuable it is.

    Using this method is reliable and simple, yet for the most part, it remains a closely-guarded secret of elite value investors operating in the crypto underworld. contact john scott email ID [email protected]

  4. That clip about the involvement of technology in everyday life and how people are comfortable with it is huge. It's true, so this is bound to take off! Bull run come soon!!


  5. alt boom has already started
    alts on the rise
    i guess april will be a good month


  6. I’m only new to the whole crypto scene but I am glad I grab some verge it made me a tidy little profit

    Ltc: LR2esYUiQp9jXm85hPi7Y93U7Lf1k2HUj2

  7. All of this sideways movement is letting me know that within the next week or so Bitcoin is going to make it's move and take the ALTs with it. LR2ggRav2EzroDbBqQ3LPmGSuU9GgyPeTb

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  9. A little green for the soul 🙂 Btw REQ is also good buy. Have a look


  10. Let's get our buy orders in and watch it rise throughout the next few months! 😉

    LTC- LP7dnZe1WKfjBzpb6BZcyMZbFpKtwmHgVi

  11. Awesome imagine; he says it seems that people have more faith in satoshi nakamoto who they haven’t met more than the fed reserve. ltc1qacpgw6mc7v40tev7ru8tn89zre9ecul639eq0s

  12. the best thing about btc mining is actually making money off it.. this software has made it easy for me to make a lot of money .. i am so glad i got it .. i make about 2,500 USD every week with 500 USD … I AM SO GLAD!!!! all you guys should try it

  13. Crypto currency will take over the Banks just the way email replaced post office, I had 10.5Btc which dropped down to 5btc when I came across a testimony of a Pro hacker, He is someone who has been in crypto currency for long and he has been able to keep my BITCOIN increasing even when people are crying about the crash which doesn’t really affect me, I was skeptical at first but I gave him a try, Right now I can boast of 25Btc in my wallet and it won’t be bad if I sell 16Btc and trade with my 8Btc over and over again, I want you guys to contact him on [email protected]

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