Bitcoin Pizza Day – 10,000 BTC for 2 Pizzas, Crypto Market Analysis – Crypto News #49

Bitcoin Pizza Day celebrated today, 10000 for 2 Pizzas, Vitalik offered a job in Google Analysis of the recent Market Drop.

1. Vitalik Google Job Offer – 🗞️
2. Crypto Market Analysis – 🗞️
3. Bitcoin Pizza Day – 🗞️

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Written by frances

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  1. Ajj ki taza khabar is good but pizza kahne wala to apne app ko kos raha hoga

  2. Feel like professional news anchor . Keep it up Bro.
    Dege coin address

  3. मैं तो झूम उठता
    क्यूं की मेरे पास उस समय 10000 bitcoin नहीं बल्कि 11000 bitcoin होता तो अभी 1000 bitcoin बचा होता

  4. Happy Bitcoin pizza day very good information sir .I want to millionaire by doge and TRON because I hold for long time

  5. Your videos and news updates are really very helpfull to me. Thanx Brother for this Help
    My Dogecoin adress:-

  6. Honay Ko per kya roona tha brother , haan but 2 pizza esi din pe in se hamisha free Mangwatha for remains continuously In crypto-News ………DGjfGAY2xzVMvvr57LxCKkZDdSWSoTRMkj

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