Bitcoin Plunges Over 40% After Twitter Announces Ban On Crypto Ads | CNBC

Bitcoin is hovering below the $8,000 mark as Twitter joins Google and Facebook in banning cryptocurrency ads.
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Bitcoin Plunges Over 40% After Twitter Announces Ban On Crypto Ads | CNBC

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Written by frances

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  1. Ouch so if you had a thousand dollars in bit coin four hundred of them dollars just disappeared into thin air

  2. Heavy scrutiny and regulation of non-bitcoin tokens, especially ICOs, will only increase bitcoin's value in the long run. Bitcoin has recently lost a significant amount of market share in the cryptocurrency space. Preventing the adoption of new coins and tokens will increase the probability that bitcoin will be the dominant cryptocurrency in the future.

  3. If you trust CNBC to deliver REAL credible news, and not fake clickbait, you're going to have a bad time….

  4. It went 20 000$ but it was not is average real price. It's between 8k and 12-14k. If you have a little time to trade you will make a lot of money with the volatility.

  5. More failed fact checking by CNBC. It's a shame – I kinda like their business day TV broadcast. But if I can't trust the veracity of what they report, I might as well be watching real housewives or the Kardashians.

  6. How tragic, I'm only up 1000 percent in less than a year instead of 2000 percent. Anything else making those kinds of gains besides cannabis stocks?

  7. I thought CNBC was 1 of the better news networks in America but I guess they are all the same with CNN being the worst.

  8. Lol, 40 percent from twitter ban? Btc beens falling off the charts for months since the whales swam away with everyones money

  9. Bitcoin hit a high of $20,000 in 2017 and then the speculators sold out so now as of March 2018 it has plunged to $8000. If you look at a Bitcoin history graph and put a ruler on the LOWS you will see that $8000 is the predictable Low for Bitcoin where as the $19,890/Bitcoin was an artificially high price driven by speculators. Now is the time to Buy Bitcoin to get a Fair Market Price. Sure it may dip lower in the near future which is why I would spread my purchases over the next Few Months, then just sit back and watch Bitcoins value climb over the months. Thanks to everybody who posted about Connell Xavier, you are all part of my Success Story. Let’s keep spreading Words about Him to help the Ignorant people who are loosing, If you have 3Bitcoins now, why not trade it and make up to 8Btc with what you have? Imagine selling off each of them at $30k in a few months, that will be a lot of Profit. You can reach him directly on connellxavier07 @gmail. com.

  10. The way this video is titled makes it seem like it fell by 40% JUST due to the Twitter news. It's been crashing since December, due to a LOT of factors. 0/10 poor quality FUD.

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